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Why Timber Flooring Gives Your Home A Personalized Look


Every home is unique. Even the tiniest decorative detail as something to do with our personal lives, memories and beliefs. However, when it comes to comfort, there are principles one should follow, especially when talking about the flooring. One might wonder how come the flooring is so important, but the truth is it not only has the ability to make lives cosier but also it adds a lot to the whole aesthetics of the home. So, what would be the ideal flooring for your home? Timber. Here is why.

timber flooring
Hardwood flooring has lots of benefits. It brings nature inside the house. It is easy to clean, easy to maintain and it can last a lifetime. Timber screams warmth and sunlight. It absorbs the natural light and reflects it everywhere in the rooms. And this only starts the list. Here are the other benefits.

1.  Durability and Strength

Choosing timber flooring sets you free of worrying about the possibility of changing it when renovating after several years. It is quite durable and strong and can withstand years of using while still looking like the first day it was installed. It can withstand heavy foot traffic which is why it is oftentimes the perfect option for spaces where a great number of people walk, for example, offices, reception cubicles and so on.

2.  Valuable and Quality

Timber flooring immediately increases the value of your home. In case you decide to sell your home, you can expect that it is priced high due to the increased number of interested parties for buying the house. What is more, if you decide to sell your house, you can have it virtually staged, and with the timber flooring, all the elements will get a distinctive flair that instantly catches the eye.

Virtual furniture staging is a technique that sells homes fast and choosing timber flooring in virtually staged photos is a usual technique. And what is better than showing the potential buyers the basics of the house as they are, without the need to change it to look better?

3.  A Vast Range of Choices

The timber flooring has something to offer that other types of flooring lack – the possibility to choose its appearance. The timber and its finish can be adjusted to the undertone you love, so they are really convenient when it comes to style – you will get what you want, in any undertone and still get to boast about its strength and durability.

4.  A Dream Come True for Music Studios

If you want to use the room as a music studio where you will write and create music, choose timber flooring. It has natural acoustic properties as there are no vibrations or hollow sounds. This makes it one of the best acoustic flooring there is.

5.  Quality Breathing

Another benefit of the timber flooring is that it grants better air quality.  This is possible because there are no grout lines, fibres or embossing in timber. This prevents attracting allergens, particles, pollen, dust or animal dander like the carpets and other flooring types do.

6.  Ages like Wine

The final interesting characteristic of the timber flooring is that it ages well. It doesn’t deteriorate or get destroyed, instead, it looks even better after a few years. This is because of the natural composition of the flooring. It is safe to say that when you choose timber, you choose it for life.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the flooring type is not an easy thing to do. You want it to look good with the rest of the home as well as be durable and long-lasting. Choosing timber is never wrong as it successfully checks all the benefits a flooring type needs to have. It is perfect if you want a better quality of life and an excellent looking design.

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