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Ways to hold a virtual birthday party this Covid season!


2020 has blessed us with birthdays in isolation. And if you haven’t had one so far, then, you most likely will since the pandemic has been overstaying its welcome. Therefore, the only wise way to deal with this situation is to come up with ideas to make this celebration happen. Because a festival needs to happen, now more than ever!

Ways to hold a virtual birthday party this Covid season! 2

Even if you are not the birthday party kind, there is no harm in making a day of it, using the day as an excuse to extend a hand to your friends and have a little fun. But seriously, just because we are practicing social distancing or quarantining ourselves at home doesn’t mean we can’t also have a little fun, right? All of this while practicing social distancing, of course. Then how can one possibly celebrate a birthday, you may ask. Well, we’ve got several answers for you. 

Schedule a Virtual Hangout

There has been a sudden outpour of various video conferencing apps in the market ever since the virus hit the world Facetime, Google Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp, Houseparty, Discord, and a lot more.

None of us are oblivious to these. Seems like the world would come to a halt if they weren’t there; we might as well take advantage of them to get connected to our loved ones. Gather your people, play music, play trivia. Want to celebrate a beach birthday? Who doesn’t? But we have the second-best option. Choose from fun images for Zoom background images and videos so you can take your virtual birthday party anywhere you want to go.

Host a video game tournament

Let technology take its course and provide you a stadium-like atmosphere. Whip out your Mine craft, Fortnite, Overwatch, and so on, create your own rule. Connect with your friends online and go crazy. 

Host a board game tournament

There are multiple online board games that you play with your friends. Ludo has been popular for over a few months now. As dull as it might sound but these games, when played in the beautiful digital world, can be very thrill-inducing. 

Netflix and chill

We mean literally. Netflix has come out with a new feature to serve your quarantine demands. It is called a house party. This feature will facilitate all your friends to stream the movie together and make conversation in real-time. Is it even a good movie without your friends’ obnoxious commentary? 

Reading Marathons

Are you a book nerd? Your wish for your birthday is to see your friends and peacefully read at the same time. Well, you can participate in a readathon. Readathon is an hourly event hosted by Booktubers on various platforms. One can either read a book during that time or participate in a lengthy discussion upon a single text.

Virtual escape rooms

Escape rooms are very entertaining themed rooms that will give you the most immersive movie-like experience. Each room has a central storyline with architecture and puzzles and clues backing it. You must unravel the mystery of these rooms as you go through. They are highly stimulating and exciting. All you need to do is lookup for your desirable rooms and make a booking with the company. You can invite your friends to join you in this quest and meet with the game instructor via a video conference app. A volunteer will act in place of you and guide you through the room.

Mix it up with music 

Music has been essential as a form of expression. Got a special someone or a close friend’s birthday? Make a meaningful Spotify playlist for them. I know the old school. Forget meaningful, make one of the dance tracks and throw it down in a virtual house party. Dance like no one is watching with your friends on board. 

Good old school Pictionary!

A fun game that I found online was Pictionary. There are various online word generators for the game. Invite your friends on a zoom call and use the whiteboard to play the game. The uglier the drawing, the better. It will be the most hilarious game to play. Take my word for it. 

Final Words

Whatever you choose to do with your friends. Remember to make yourself happy. Bake a cake, decorate the place and hang out with your friends. After all, it is your day; you deserve to feel special. With so much technology at our disposal, let’s use it to create some fun memories. Birthdays are not for everyone but must be the day when you feel most alive. So, why let a pandemic stop you. As a wise man once said, “Two rules for a great life is, safety first and fun second.”

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