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Vinyl Plank Flooring Pros and Cons


Vinyl flooring has been around for nearly 100 years. In the decades since its arrival in the markets as a construction material, it has become one of the most preferred flooring options. Owing to a large number of benefits that it offers; many new homeowners look for this type of flooring. Moreover, vinyl can serve well for most of the rooms in your home and you can find various types of flooring options suited to different areas. While opting for vinyl plank flooring you can choose between no-wax, urethane, and enhanced urethane options.

Vinyl plank flooring is a relatively unknown material it has many of the same characteristics that make vinyl siding so popular. Easy to install, inexpensive, and made to replace wood. Vinyl plank flooring could be the perfect solution for a homeowner looking to replace the flooring on their home.

kitchen with vinyl flooring

Vinyl Plank Flooring Pros

Aesthetic Value

Vinyl plank flooring may appear to be wood to the untrained eye. Manufactured to come in standard sizes common to wood floors, it is carefully machined to create a seamless appearance once installed while maintaining the durability of the product. A plank should never be confused with vinyl tiles or sheets, which give a completely different look to space.


Using a vinyl plank flooring helps prevent the buildup of static electricity or reducing its effects which is very ideal if you do have kids at home who loves to run around the house.

Various Types to Choose From

Because vinyl plank flooring is made to imitate the appearance of real wood, it is available in a wide variety of colors, wood grains, and finishes. Most colors available imitate hardwood and softwood planks. A popular addition is a satin urethane coating that protects the floor from dirt and scuffs. There are other finishes that offer either a high or low gloss shine.


One of the largest advantages of vinyl plank flooring is that it is waterproof. This makes it a particularly good material for bathrooms and kitchens, where moisture could be a problem. Spills in areas with these floors can be mopped up quickly without worrying about warping or becoming water damaged over time like traditional wood products.


Vinyl plank flooring is very inexpensive when compared to actual wood flooring options. The cost can be half of traditional hardwood flooring options, but the real savings could come in the form of installation costs. Vinyl planks can be installed at a fraction of the time it would take to install real wood. Also, vinyl plank installation can easy do it yourself project for a dedicated homeowner.

Easy Installation

What makes this flooring a great option for your home is the way that it is installed. You can glue it down, click lock, loose lay or drop lock.

Easy maintenance

This flooring is very easy to clean and maintain. You can simply sweep out the dirt and then mop it to ensure that you have clean flooring. Unlike a lot of other materials, you need not worry about long-lasting stains or spills as most liquids can be easily cleaned.


Vinyl plank flooring is known to last for decades. It is durable and can take a fair amount of wear and tear. The durability also depends on the kind of vinyl purchased, the way it is installed, and the amount of wear it takes on a regular basis. The life of the same flooring may be longer if it is just used in the hallway where there is regular usage as opposed to it being placed in an area where there are heavy machines in usage. You can also find processed versions of vinyl which help in increasing the durability of the flooring. Fiberglass reinforced vinyl flooring is known to be better than ordinary vinyl when it comes to durability.


You want the flooring of your house to look good and be comfortable at the same time. With vinyl flooring, you can be sure that comfort will not be compromised. The material does not absorb a lot of cold or heat. Hence it does not get very cold in winters or extremely hot in the summers. Some of the vinyl floors also have a layer of padding which makes it very comfortable to walk on.

Vinyl Plank Flooring Cons


Despite the numerous advantages of this material, there are a few drawbacks that should be carefully considered by the consumer. Vinyl plank flooring is not biodegradable and is very difficult if not impossible to recycle. This may be an issue of concern for environmentally conscious consumers.

Not Thick

Also, vinyl plank flooring is not as thick as traditional wood options. This may mean that an additional subfloor should be added. It is important that whoever installs the vinyl plank flooring carefully follows the manufacturer’s recommendations; doing otherwise could void your warranty.

Requires special cleaners

Although vinyl plank flooring is largely maintenance-free, it must be cleaned with special cleaners made by the manufacturer. Using traditional cleaning products may remove the finish. Wax should never be used on this material, it could dull the shine.


Choosing to replace the floors in your home with a vinyl plank flooring can be a wise decision. With so many advantages that you can get by using such flooring for your home, it should not be surprising that they have now become the most sought after flooring option. If you are not comfortable installing your new purchase, be sure to call a licensed contractor that has experience installing your flooring.

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