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Smart tips to update your rented home without risking your deposit


Let us get one thing straight, the saying – It is better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission, does not apply to living in rented homes, whether they are houses or apartments. Why? Because landlords are not too keen on other people completely changing the homes they are renting. No matter how much you hated those old tiles, those wall colors, or furniture, there is nothing you can do. Well, there is actually, but you will probably risk your deposit.

However, you do not have to kiss your perfect-home dreams goodbye as there are some landlord-friendly ways on how you can temporarily update your rented home without risking your deposit. Is this something that may interest you? If so, well, keep on reading. 

Spice Things Up With Some Removable Wallpaper

Most landlords do not allow the renters to repaint the walls – even if their color is hideous. If you, too, live in an apartment or a house with unsightly walls, consider adding some removable wallpaper. These kinds of wallpaper come in all shapes, sizes, and colors; thus, finding ones that suit your needs and budget will not be difficult.

The best part is that you can cover all the walls throughout the home you live in and simply take them down once you decide to move out (without doing any damage!). Or, if you are on a budget, that is, if you are looking for a budget-friendly home transformation, you can put wallpaper on a small accent wall.

A man reading in a living room
Using removable wallpapers is a great way to make a change without really making a change, that is, update your rented home without risking your deposit!

Create Faux Built-In Pieces 

The number one thing all people living in rented homes struggle with is storage, that is, free space. There is simply never enough of it. And what is even worse, we can not change anything about it. We can, as previously said, but we will risk getting our deposit back. 

However, there are still two tricks you can try to get more free space in your rented home. The first one is to place some of the things you are not using daily in a storage unit nearby. The second one is to create faux built-in pieces. For example, you can create a faux built-in bookshelf that goes from the floor to the ceiling, and that can add tons of space to your home. 

Add Rugs

There is something about those rugs in rented homes – they are always disgusting and repulsive. Well, no wonder they are like that as many people before you lived in that home and walked on those rugs. Sometimes, it is not even the rugs that are the biggest problem; it is the floor underneath. It may have stains; it may have holes; it may be just ugly.

Whatever you have on your floors, you can cover it with a new carpet. Who says you can not put a rug over an existing carpet? Nobody! Just make sure you style them properly. Choose the perfect carpet for every room in your home. Place it on top of anything you already have on your floors. Then, when the time comes for moving, roll them up and take them with you.

A person standing on a rug symbolizing ways to update your rented home without risking your deposit.
A well-looking rug can make a huge difference!

Swap Some Furniture Pieces 

Some rented homes come completely empty. If you rent those, you have to fill them up with your own furniture. But, some homes come equipped with every possible piece of furniture one may need for comfortable living. Some people may say that the second option is far better than the first one as it allows moving in immediately and not worrying about acquiring the furniture.

However, there are also cases where a home is equipped with miss-matched, uncomfortable, eyesore furniture. No matter how hard you tried to make those pieces fit in and be more comfortable, you cannot do much.

But, once again, we have a solution. Consider renting a storage unit nearby, placing that awful furniture in there, and swapping it for something you like. Doing this will be easy with moving companies like lossangelestransfer.com. Of course, ask your landlord first! Explain that you will remove everything safely and put it back where it belongs once you decide to move out. 

Make the Most of Your Windows 

Last but certainly not the least thing on our list of smart tips to update your rented home without losing your deposit is changing the look of your windows. Believe it or not, you can do a lot with your windows. You can change their color using removable wood covers, and by doing this, you can make them match the rest of your home. You can also add some fancier blinds or even drapes and curtains. Or, you can even add picture windows if you like. 

Measure everything and go shopping. All stores which offer home decor products now make custom made items. The same applies to window treatments. Thus, measure the dimensions of your windows and buy some window treatments that will upgrade the look of your home.

Window curtain
Change the looks of your windows by adding shades, blinds, or curtains.


Living in a rented home has its pros and cons. One of the biggest disadvantages is the one we discussed already – the inability to change its appearance and make it suitable for your needs and lifestyle without losing your deposit. Of course, some landlords are super chill and will allow you to make some changes, but most of them will not.

Luckily, there are many ways you can upgrade and update your rented home without risking your deposit. You can do that without actually changing it. Some ways we mentioned above, but some you will have to research yourself. The most important thing is to talk with your landlord before doing anything. That is the only way to ensure you get your money back. 

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