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All You Need to Know Everything About the Security Doors


Many kinds of security doors are available, and people can install them to secure their house from intruders. There are many materials that are being used for making security doors. People like to prefer metallic doors, as they are strong and durable.

There are many types of security doors available and in this article, we will talk about that.

1. Single Security Doors

This is a door, which can be used as a basic front door. This type of door can be found in many houses. The design of the door is amazingly simple. It comes with one or more vertical bar design. The doors are available in many stores and people can purchase them easily. In spite of this, it is a better option that people purchase these doors from the manufacturer directly. This will help the buyers in knowing about the reputation of the manufacturer and the warranties that they provide for the door. Another advantage of this door is that people can customize it. Various kinds of designs can be made or carved on the door to make it beautiful.

2. Double Security Doors

Double security doors are good when people have sliding doors or double glass doors outside their house. There are two doors out of which one is the main door and other one can be either kept opened or closed. These doors are available in various designs and colors. The doors are good for Spanish style and Southwestern style houses. These doors can be customized, and people can use either pre-prepared design or can ask for a custom design.

3. Mesh Doors

Mesh door is a good choice for those who do not want security doors. People should not worry about the security of the house as steel is used to make the mesh present in the door. It is not easy to break by kicking it. A safety glass is also included in the door, which is detachable, so people attach and detach the glass whenever required. People will be safe from bugs and intruders.

4. Laser Doors

Laser doors are actually steel doors, which are better than single and double doors. Laser cutting helps the manufacturers in making doors with amazing designs. Different types of metalworking methods are used in the creation of these doors. The designs are either pre-prepared or can be customized according to the client. These doors are available in single and double styles.

All You Need to Know Everything About the Security Doors 3

5. Swipe of a card

A door can be secured with the help of a card reader. Cards are given only to those people who are allowed to go in and come out. There can be many secure areas in an office and access to some of them is restricted to a few personnel only. Cards for entrance can be given only to those persons and other people cannot access the room. A card can consist of a bar code, a magnetic strip or RFID.

All You Need to Know Everything About the Security Doors 4

6. Usage of buttons

There is a keypad installed at the entrance and people have to click few buttons in order to enter the area. The keypad is alphanumeric, and passwords or codes are assigned to the people, which they can use to enter the room. The advantage over card readers is that people cannot enter if they do not know the code. In the case of the card reader, intruders can enter through lost cards.

Wrapping Up

These are different types of security doors that can be installed at homes. The aim of installing these doors is to prevent the entrance of intruders and damaging the property or steal something. Each type has its own features and people need to install the one, which suits their requirements.

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