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9 Cute Teen Bedroom Ideas for Girls


Having a resident teen might be tiring and at the same time exciting. At this stage, children transform from being kids into and young adults. But this is also a time for confusion and difficulties. Changing habits and getting along with studies can get their daily routines sidetracked which makes their head shiver at times making them an irritable housemate. One way to alleviate their situation is to design a room where they can have their own private space and just enjoy the stay. For that here are some great ideas to guide you.

Ask them

Before you even take the planning seriously ask your teens for input. Although you may be thinking and looking at what is best for them, your efforts might end up unappreciated because of the design flops, at least for them.

pink fairy room for girls

Teens have a different kind of appreciation than adults. At this stage, these kids have their own idea already and they can already appreciate what is appropriate or appealing. Ask them what they have in mind. If they have none, open their imagination by leading them to a specific design you may have thought. Ask them if they like it. This can become a complicated dialogue but at least you can have their input for the project.

Decide for a theme

Getting the designs right starts by having the right theme in mind. This is of course after you asked for their input. After that, you need to get your design to revolve in a theme. This way it will be easier to build the basics which will guide for your overall approach.

vintage room for girls

Some theme to look into is rock-chic, chic, art, graphic to mention a few. The thing is to make the design pop into their imagination. Having a theme will also help you look for the appropriate accessories a lot easier.

Add colors

Teens love colors. It doesn’t matter if it’s just grey and black or the sophistication of bright colors. The basis here is the one that clicks into their mind.

pastel girls room

Solid colors work best for bedrooms it offers better ambiance and better perception of space. Getting the right color can be a challenge though as teen’s taste for style can get complicated at times. But if you get this step, you can surely tickle their affection.

Have a minimalistic design

In reality, a teen’s bedroom can be a huge mess. For that, you need to incorporate a design with a very minimalistic approach. Too much furniture inside the room will just add to the mess.

minimalist girls room

But it does not mean you cannot add the essentials. The key here is that if it is not the basics, don’t put it.

Have it as a multi-purpose room

Although having a minimalistic design is essential, it does not imply that you cannot make your teen’s room functional. One easy way to do this is by adding a small table and a chair.

multi purpose girls room

Remember that teens do see their room as their own place of Zen, their own space to have a little bit of privacy. For that, you need to make the room a place where he or she can stay and enjoy it. Think of it as their mini office, a study nook or lounge area wherein they can get their mind at ease after a confusing day.

The bed is an important piece of accent

Many times when people try to get the right theme for the room, it’s often focused on the wall, the flooring, ceiling, and linens. But if you think about it, the bed is perhaps the biggest piece of furniture in any bedroom.

girls room full of liights

This calls for attention. Think about the bed as the centerpiece of your bedroom at that it makes the ambiance a lot more interesting. Focus on the design, the curves, the color. Take the bed as the center of your theme and blend everything around it.

Add cozy textures

Teens have somewhat a contradicting taste. They sometimes wanted to have a stylish room but they often do not have time to actually maintain it. But setting the right mood is everything. Getting their attention should be the first aim of your design. A cozy and warm texture throughout the bedroom can help them grasp their imagination.

neutral accent room for girls

Linens are the best way to deliver this. Adding warm colors can arouse attention. Also, you may opt for wall colors that somewhat connect to them that is why it pays to ask for their input. A minimalist approach does help achieve this a little bit better.

Specify your budget

Even how elaborate your plan is, you still need to keep the budget in check. Think of it as your guide as to how far you can get with your plan. Setting the amount right will help you define your priorities.

girls room made of logs

A smaller budget might get in the way when it comes to what elements you have to implement. Whether you can afford the best option or you might have to settle with the second-best to achieve savings for other important aspects.

Take for instance if you are dying to get a certain bed but it goes beyond your limit. And if you have to follow your desires it will ruin your plans for budgeting. This is just the small stuff that can get in the way and you need to go around it at times. Just remember to set your priorities right even before you start.


There are certain things that can be done by yourself. Like painting your or ceiling. Small repairs here and there or perhaps, if you have the right tools and skills, making a personalized side table and chair.

white room for girls

The reason to take on the DIY route is savings and personalization. That savings can actually help you extend your budget further which is a good thing. Also, if you have done the small stuff by yourself it’s kind of achievement which adds to the personality of the room.

Further, you really need to get your teen involved in the process as this is an extension of their personality. Getting them involved will also give them a sense of ownership which in turn gives them responsibility for it. This way they will see their bedroom as their own and not just something that you have given.

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