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10 Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas On Budget in 2020


Homeowners struggle with space and storage solutions when they have a small bathroom. Smaller spaces should be designed with deeper insight into the layout and functionality.

For instance, storage cabinets are excellent additions for big bathrooms but they fail to serve the purpose in a small one. Instead, they take up space and reduce the functionality of a bathroom.

With a few changes in the basic design as well as the décor, the small space could have greater meanings. A big nice bathroom is luxurious but a small well kept bathroom is a more personal space.

Bathroom remodeling, even in a small space, can get too expensive. A lot of homeowners are struggling to find a way to make their small bathrooms amazing without financially crippling themselves. If you are one of those people, you have landed at the right page.

Let us look at some amazing ideas for small bathrooms. They add up space, functionality, and curb appeal. All of the above-mentioned joys without emptying your pockets!  

1. Splash In Some Paint

While designing a small bathroom, keep every aspect of mobility, functionality, and storage in your mind. Layout preparation takes a lot of time and effort. An easy way to enhance the available space is the thoughtful use of paint colors.

The walls could be splashed of any of the colors in the spectrum but not all of them are suitable for small spaces. White paint is a traditional yet classic choice. Adding paint layers is one of the least expensive changes you can bring.

bathroom remodeling ideas

 It is good to remember that it is inexpensive yet demands detail orientation and a lot of time. The smaller walls and features need more precise lines and edges. Some of the other popular color hues are icy blue, soft greens, cream, pearl grey, and pink.

2. Update The Sconces

Light fixtures take up a small space but have a huge impact on the whole design. The sconces should be streamlined with the design to even out the small surfaces. The shades should be removed.

Adding more light fixtures is a great way to bring new life into an old and boring bathroom. The same small space would appear to be spacious as well as more appealing. The location of the sconce should be well thought as the lighting angles make a huge difference.

3. Get Creative With Fewer Tiles

Tiles are beautiful and one of the most durable additions to a bathroom or kitchen. They are suitable for high traffic areas and can withstand high humidity levels without rotting. It is not impossible for mold to grow on a tile but the chances are very rare.

When you are designing small bathrooms, you need less number of tiles already. You can save a few hundred dollars by using fewer tiles more creatively. 

4. Maximize Floor Space Usage

The space underneath the sink can be used for various storage solutions. Other than the drawers and floating cabinets, baskets and open shelves can be used to maximize space usage. To add some style, buy wired baskets and place them under the sink.

Install floating toilets and shelves. The floors should provide enough space for mobility. Modern sleek installations are perfect additions for smaller designs.

5. Be A Minimalist

When you have got a small bathroom, it is no good to cram up space. The décor should not be overwhelming as it causes the bathroom to look smaller.  Keep things simple yet elegant.

 A pop of color and design at a corner or wall would be enough to make it unique and admirable. Avoid adding window treatments as they take up more space.

6. Add A Shiplap

In the last decade, shiplap has emerged as one of the most popular interior décor items. Wooden boards are clamped up to make tight walls. Adding a shiplap in your bathroom is not so inexpensive but it worth the effort. It is durable and adds elegance.

Decorate this specified wall and leave the other spaces open and welcoming. You will need to take care of the shiplap as it is made up of wood. The wet environment if the bathroom can damage the wood but not in all homes.

7. Bathtub Refinishing

You got a small bathroom and wish to make it more appealing? An inexpensive method is to refinish the bathtubs. Getting a new tub can be high on a budget so hire professionals for refinishing.

The process involves harsh chemicals so it is suggested to leave the area while the professionals do their work. Bathroom remodeling companies can also provide bathtub refinishing surfaces at affordable rates. Add new faucets and fixtures.

It is suggested not to change the plumbing or else you will be paying thousands of dollars for the remodeling project.

8. Grout Cleaning

Dirty grout is unpleasant to look at. It compromises the durability of tile floors. The accumulated grout can breed several disease-causing germs and you wouldn’t know it. Other than all the above-mentioned implications, dirty grout can darken and dampen the space.

bathroom tiles grout cleaning

 Get the grout cleaned for cleaner and spacious bathrooms. Hiring professional cleaners is the best decision. Moreover, it is good to freshen the caulking. The damaged caulking affects the curb appeal like nothing. It even affects the heating and cooling systems.

9. Add Mirrors

Other than the layout and manipulating colors, use light for your advantage. Add more mirrors on the walls to increase the reflecting surfaces. It gives the illusion of big bathrooms.

 Purchase a huge mirror for the bathroom wall and you might see the bathroom space as double. It does not add space in real but the perception has a great impact.

10. Re-cycle And Up-cycle

You don’t need to buy all the items brand new from the stores. Your home is filled with interesting items that can be recycled. Get a creative eye or else hire a bathroom remodeling company to do all the work for you. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the transformation.


Author Bio:

Jenny Moore has been writing home renovation blogs for 20 years. She has an undying passion for kitchen and bathroom remodeling. She loves to visit and buy homeware stores when she is not writing and educating homeowners.   

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