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Simplisafe vs ADT: Features, Pricing and What’s Best for your Home


We are all want to feel secured be it in the office or in the comfort of our home. That’s why it is important to invest in products such as a carbon monoxide detector or a home security system that will provide your home and your family the protection you need. And some of the notable companies when it comes to home security are Simplisafe and ADT.

When it comes to the home security system, Simplisafe and ADT are highly-rated and well-known home security companies. These both fill completely different needs, the most prominent difference between both are:

  • Customers can install Simplisafe themselves. Additionally, browse pre-designed package prices online
  • ADT companies give professional installation and even free in-home quotes

Simplisafe vs ADT: Introduction


Simplisafe was founded in 2006 in Boston, MA as a no-contract security tracking company. The company offers ample options for their respective customers to satisfy them and even offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. The security company offers extended safety features regarding their products that include damage-resistant keypads, power outage protection, and reinforced connections.


ADT was established in 1874; its long history in business keep them apart from their competitors. The stunning facts which attract their client are that the company offer a six-month guarantee includes, three pre-designed security systems or the ability to customize the equipment. The ADT systems include enhanced security tracking equipment like entryway sensors, digital keypad, a motion detector, a high-decibel alarm, and a backup battery. Additionally, ADT offers additional video surveillance, home automation, and you can able to purchase life safety products.

Simplisafe vs ADT: Similarities

These are:

  • Both Have Wireless Security Equipment
  • From both ends 24/7 monitoring Available
  • For the user convenience mobile app available
  • Feasibility of Indoor video cameras

Simplisafe vs ADT: Differences

These include:

  • Home Automation and Outdoor Video, these both features are offered by ADT only
  • The types of installation on both company end are different – Simplisafe prefer DIY installation, and ADT prefer Pro – installation
  • No contract needed in Simplisafe installation
  • ADT available in the areas without cell service

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SimpliSafe Security System Packages:

The Simplisafe companies are providing enhanced and pre-designed security system equipment packages, and with these packages, you can get the opportunity of customization your system and create your own.

Foundation Package:

The foundation package provides 4 piece of equipment that includes; a wireless keypad, base station, entry sensor, and monitor sensor. Its costs are $229, and if you are looking for small home and apartment security, then this package is best for you!

Essentials Package:

The essentials package provides you with everything that includes in foundation package; additionally; you can get two additional sentry sensors. Its costs are $259, and this package is best for those who are looking for an entire home security system.

Hearth Package:

The hearth package provides you with everything that includes in essentials package, additionally, a siren and smoke detector. The cost of this Simplisafe package is $374, and Hearth package is the ultimate option for those who look for enhanced or little more home security system.

Knox Package:

The Knox security package provides you equipment which includes in hearth package, additionally, six entry sensors and two motion sensors. The cost of Simplisafe Knox package is $449, and it is an incredible security option for larger homes and even it double the sensor protection of the essentials security package. Build My System As its name sounds, this package will let you create your own system. You start with their two core components, then add sensors you want to fully customize your home security needs.

Well, the Simplisafe companies also offer pre-designed packages of security that include Starter, Standard, Elite, and Beacon. These packages range from approximately $244 to $334 and promoted as “solid, no-frills” systems. For the ease of clients, Simplisafe providing refurbished systems for varying cost, and the typical savings of these systems are 25% – 30% off completely new systems. The range of remaining pre-designed from about $250 to $500.

ADT security system packages:

adt home security package

image source: adt.com

Three major packages can be customized the Traditional, Control and Video plans. The ADT offers the following equipment:

  • Digital Keypad
  • Entryway Contacts
  • Wireless Keychain Remote
  • Motion Detector
  • Backup Battery
  • High-Decibel Alarm

The Traditional Package:

The traditional package that offers by ADT includes different security essentials equipment like sensors, cellular monitoring connection, digital keypad, and window & yard signs for enhanced protection level. The costs of this ADT traditional package $125 for set-up and $28.99 per month. After a year, the company will cost you $473, and over three years, they will cost $1,169.

The Control System:

The control system of ADT providing all the features of the traditional package; additionally, you can get the feasibility of controlling your system with devices like smartphones or tablets and get email and text alerts. The costs of the control system are $125 for set-up and $36.99 per month. Within one year the company will cost you $569, and in three years the company will charge you $1,457.

The Video Package:

The video security package of ADT provides features of both traditional and control packages. Additionally, this package offers the ability to view remote, secure indoor and outdoor video footage. The video package of ADT will be charged you $125 for set-up and $52.99 per month. In the first year the video package cost is $761, and in three-year cost is $2,033.

Simplisafe vs ADT: Pros And Cons

ADT Pros:

  • Accomplished a long history in the security industry
  • The installation of security packages often available on very next day

ADT Cons:

  • Higher tracking cost than Simlisafe

Simplisafe Pros:

  • Simplisafe offers low-priced monitoring
  • No contracts required for security packages

Simplisafe Cons:

  • The company provide limited smart home compatibility

Final Words:

When it comes to home security with a range of stunning features and customization options, both ADT and Simplisafe are tremendous options.

If you are looking for easy to install, DIY security system, then Simplisafe is an ultimate option that offers you ample options according to the home’s size and the specific security requirements. Simplisafe is a stunning option of home security for those who don’t want to fed-up with long-term contracts.

If you are looking for a traditional security system company with a strong history, then ADT home security provider is the best option. People who prefer professional quotes and installation, and want to combine home automation features with security ought to hire ADT providers.

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