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Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Shutter For Your Home


We consider it a nice addition to one’s home; however do you really know what are the benefits of having a shutter installed at home? Despite being widely used, shutters are often mounted incorrectly for a lack of knowledge about them reducing its functionality to merely a visual component.

There are several factors to consider when selecting one to mount, we have provided you a list to assist you in narrowing the list down.

What Type Of Shutter Are You Looking For?

There are several types of shutters and each function different from the other:

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Shutter For Your Home 4

1. Full height: these are found commonly and are widely the most used. As the name suggests, it covers the entire window.

2. Cafe Style: aesthetically very appealing, it leaves the top of the window and only installing shutters on its lower half, used more commonly for town houses or windows that are place in the ground level.

3. Tier on Tier: designed to have each panel independent of each other, resulting in more freedom in adjustability. This is ideal when you wish to let more light enter your room, have a wider view, or simply when you wish for more privacy. The adjustable panel makes it possible to achieve all three.

4. Solid: panels installed in a solid panel type are complete and do not allow you the control of light to enter however they are very sturdy and durable and is designed to last a long time,

5. Customized: for those who wish to leave their own impression on the design of the shutter, they can look for customized designs that they can ask a builder to build one.

What Kind of Materials Will You Be Using?

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Shutter For Your Home 5

1. Wood: A common choice of material, wood possesses excellent strength and its structure allows for it to be cut and glued to one’s desired shapes. Post which it can be polished, laminated or painted for a nice finish which can be aesthetically pleasing. Wood is also cheap, although more exotic woods are more expensive than woods like pine.

2. Wood Composites: MDF or craft wood are commonly used wood composites, they make for cheap and easily available materials however they do not function well as shutters and they also absorb moisture.

3. Plastic: most suited for installation in smaller windows, plastic is cheap to produce and is less durable than wood. If you seek long lasting options, plastics are not the best choice to go about.

4. Aluminum: quite durable and sturdy they are great for shutters, however during the summer months, their structural properties cause them to expand and in winters causes the metal to contract. This can result in the metal loosening in its joints and shortening its durability.

Why Install a Shutter?

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Shutter For Your Home 6

1. Aesthetically Appealing: it looks great on your windows when built with materials like wood, it allows you to have it painted with various colors as you see fit.

2. Light Control: shutters work great as light controls, you can use them to allow the entry of light as desired, letting them all in, partly or completely shutting the light out.

3. Insulators: during summer they work great in deflecting heat and in winters they prevent cold air from entering for their tight positioning against the window.

Consider the above before the purchase of a shutters. This allows you to understand what you require during the purchase and mounting and will save you time and money from repeated efforts. Make sure of keeping a note of these essential aspects.

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