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Best Swimming Pool and Water Features Designs for Your Backyard


Water features can enhance the backyard’s beauty by increasing visual interest and making your backyard more attractive The bubbling sound of the water can add a sense of calm to any outdoor space.

Backyard water features give you a space for relaxation and give you calming vibes in your home backyard. Whatever space you have, whether it is small or large, there are plenty of choices to suit your space and style. 

Best Swimming Pool and Water Features Designs for Your Backyard 2

Eight Low Maintenance Water Features to Enhance Your Yard

Splash Pads

If your child adores going through sprinklers, at that point you can without much of a stretch redesign backyard water experiences with a splash cushion. Splash pads at home have a similar allure of a splash cushion you would discover at a water park, yet there isn’t any necessary transportation since you are as of now at home! Splash pads can be a decent option in contrast to pools since they are more secure, less expensive, and simpler to keep up.

Lazy River

Lazy rivers are commonly found at water parks and resorts and areas of late getting more mainstream as backyard water features. Both the expense and space necessary for introducing a lazy river are restrictive for most homeowners, so this is a very good quality feature that will unquestionably intrigue your visitors and take your outside living zones to another degree of extravagance. 

For those with the spending plan and space for a lazy river, this water feature might be the most unwinding, fun feature in your whole yard. Planes and admissions make a delicate, even flow that gradually conveys you or your visitors in tubes or on skims in a river-like way. 

Koi Pond

If you have the space and assets, consider building a serene koi pond. You’ll need to ensure you have enough space, so the pond is sufficiently enormous to permit fish to live easily and develop. Koi eat plants, so you should add non-poisonous plants to the pond, for example, water lettuce, water lilies and other drifting verdures. On the off chance that you would prefer not to keep up the pond to the point of keeping koi, you can likewise utilize various diverse pond plans less the fish.

Outdoor Shower

If you have a swimming pool or live close to the seashore, consider introducing an outdoor shower as one of your backyard water features. This useful expansion can be encased or outdoors and can be intended to go with any compositional style. If it’s all the same to you a virus shower, you can even make a double reason water feature that consistently runs as a waterfall yet has a slip-safe surface and seepage for use as an outdoor shower. Add some Playground Equipment under the shower for the kids to enjoy. 

In the event that you incorporate a shower hose in the plan, you can likewise make your outdoor shower a helpful, backyard canine shower.

Bird Bath

This is one of the simpler and least demanding to keep up water features which additionally pulls in untamed life into your outdoor space. A birdbath doesn’t have siphons, channels or exorbitant establishment. It’s a financial plan amicable approach to add a water component to either your front or back yard. Bird baths come in different hues and shapes, so you make certain to discover one which accommodates your home’s style.


Fountains are a decent method to include some water into your arranging. Fountains commonly come in units, so they can be introduced effortlessly. These are additionally accessible in an assortment of styles and sizes to meet your requirements. On the off chance that you love the sound of moving water, a fountain is an incredible expansion that is still simple to keep up. In the event that you place your fountain in the nursery, birds can appreciate it. You can likewise keep it close to a window or porch and appreciate the alleviating sound. Consider introducing this feature in an unmistakable region of your yard like near your front way to welcome guests and visitors. There are practically unlimited alternatives with a fountain. A few plans incorporate line fountains, rambling fountains and vanishing fountains. On the off chance that space is restricted, you can appreciate a circle fountain like one of these from Wayfair. These can likewise be called ball fountains and don’t need a lot of arrangement, so they’ll normally fit into any measured yard.


A waterfall is an incredible method to fuse some development into your nursery. Solid, rocks and fiberglass can be stacked to make a way for water, while grasses, succulents and blossoms make extraordinary options that include some shading. Pondless waterfalls are incredible for littler backyards. Rather than the water being gathered at the base, these sorts of waterfalls will contain siphons that bring the water back up through the line to make a similar impact in a littler impression. These are additionally low upkeep and can be planned with plants and stones for a characteristic look. For a more current feel, you can make a flight of stairs waterfall, which can be made to fit any measure yard.


whether it is as thin as a stream or as wide as a river, a streaming water feature will make your outdoor living territory additionally welcoming and unwinding with the alleviating sound of streaming water. A stream can have a characteristic bank and be fixed with river rocks for a characteristic look or it can have the spotless lines of cement or clearing stone edge for an advanced stylish. 

Fusing a stream into your scene configuration likewise offers the chance to incorporate extra features, for example, an extension or a waterfall, in your backyard. 

If you are planning to include a water feature in your landscaping design, You will love these backyard water features ranging from unique options that are sure to inspire you.


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