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10 Outdoor Shower Ideas for Summer


Imagine yourself under the bright sun every time you take a shower during the day or under thousands of stars at night. That is a dream by many people. And that may be possible with an outdoor shower. What is it with outdoor showers anyway? In a way, it reminds you of the simplicity of life and getting closer to nature. Think of it as an additional way to relax and enjoy more while cleaning yourself. But achieving the right design for this can be challenging as there are a few things that you need to consider. To guide you, take these ideas into account when you’re deciding.

Minimalistic design

Outdoor showers are meant to be close to nature. A place where you can enjoy nature while drenching your body with a gentle massage from water. And this can be possible if you have minimal things to worry about or think about.

 A way to achieve this is by having very minimal amenities to get in your way. As much as possible don’t use a bulky object for your accents or decors. Remember that lesser things work with outdoor shower very well.

Add greenery

To keep the theme alive you need to put your outdoor shower close to nature. If you’re close to the beach it would be best to have it facing the waves. But not everybody has a beachfront house. If you happen to be away from such an opportunity, you can try to add greenery to the equation.

Add small shrubs around the shower. Create a small garden around if you like. Just don’t overdo it. A few plants here and there is enough to get the ambiance right. Too much can just get in your way which can destroy the experience.

Why not add a bathtub?

If you dream about it, add a bathtub. If you can do it in a normal bathroom, you can certainly do it outdoors.

Bathtubs are a great addition to that outdoor experience as you get more time staring at the scenery or simply listening to the sound of nature.

Add wall décor

Yes, minimalistic works perfectly with outdoor showers. But having a few decors wouldn’t hurt at all. Think about it as a way to accentuate your experience. But you don’t need an elaborate design to go with.

If you’re close to the beach and love surfing, having your outdoor shower as a storage for your surfboard is a good alternative. Also, adding a few tidbits like rustic shower heads will surely keep your senses awake.

Keep it simple

In line with being minimalistic, you should make use of simpler designs for your outdoor showers. A simple flooring, enclosures, and materials used can achieve that closer to nature vibe going.

This also goes to your piping system. As much as you can, have the piping hidden and short. For that, you have to place your outdoor shower close to the water source. This ensures you won’t have to make use of longer piping which can ruin your theme. Remember, less clutter the better.

Small rock pebbles

There’s nothing really special about using pebbles for your flooring. But it just boosts that simplistic characteristic of your outdoor shower. Most people would have concrete riddled with pebbles on the top for lesser maintenance.

But if you are kind of adventurous with designs you may use loose pebbles or small rock on their own. This may be a problem for some but if you love the beach-like vibe, this can work for you.

Wood trim works

The thought that revolves around outdoor shower ideas is being one with nature. Getting that theme in mind will guide you into taking nature-inspired accents. And the best option for this is wood trims.

One way to do this is by using wood for your enclosures. Also, some amenities like your shower hear can be held by wood accents to make them stand out. You might also use colors that are inspired by nature like brown, green or blue. Remember that these are just suggestions and the colors and accents are really up to you.

Add light

To make your experience even better you may add lighting to the surroundings. Ambient lighting works best with outdoor showers.

The thing to focus on here is avoiding very bright lights as it will affect the total ambiance of being outdoors and in the open. A light that is enough to guide you on your way should do the trick here. You don’t need to be elaborate on this matter. If you have a garden putting lights on your plant is a good example.

Make use of curtain enclosures

The idea of an outdoor shower is being with your surroundings. This often creates opposition for some people that wanted to be outdoors but also love to have privacy. With outdoor showers, the idea is to cover your body and not the surroundings.

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Image: Mick Telkamp

For that, you may want to have a very minimal distraction on your line of sight. One idea for this is to have the enclosure cover you from knee-level up to shoulders. This should be enough to give you privacy while still incorporating the idea of an outdoor shower.

Bring the outside inside

If the idea of minimal cover is not enough, you may have your bathroom still part of your house minus the roof. This a good compromise of privacy while enjoying nature. The idea is to have a normal bathroom with all the necessities but with a minimal roof so you can still enjoy being outdoors.

But unlike other ideas which can be added later for your house, this option needs to be planned together with the house design. The advantage of this design other than privacy is you can have complete amenities for your bathroom as you’ll have more room to spare.

Further, the idea of an outdoor shower is to be close to nature. Minimal cover and the open roof are the basic requirements. Adding colors is also a good idea to inject your personality into it. But in the end, the possibilities are endless. You just need to have that design in your mind and find the ones that work for your place. Keep an open mind and so you can see more and better.

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