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12 Must-Have Modern Kitchen Utensils


Creating a kitchen from scratch takes a lot of dedication and creativity. Kitchen is not just about good flooring, or drawers and compartments to keep things, or a great countertop where you keep your air fryer which you bought after reading so many air fryer reviews. Rather a great kitchen has been always about kitchen utensils which are not only good looking but also great to use.

So what kitchen utensils do you need to have a great kitchen? What are the kitchen utensils to make your life easier?

All your questions will be answered in this blog. You will get some relevant information about kitchen utensils important to update your kitchen skills. The list below will cover 12 must-have kitchen utensils and equipment which will make your cooking easier and interesting. You will find out about kitchen utensils and uses, and you will be able to serve great dishes easily and efficiently. 

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12 Kitchen Utensils Everyone Should Have:

A great set of knives:

  • Investing in a good set of knives is an ideal choice as it can serve you for a lifetime. Different kinds of knives help you chop different food items. A set of carbon stainless steel knives will be helpful for your kitchen as they don’t get rusted and stay sharp for a longer time.
  • Having a dull knife is mostly annoying. It slows down your kitchen preparation. Hence, getting a knife sharpener will also help.
  • A wooden block will provide damage-free storage.

Chopping Boards:

  • Now if we are talking about chopping then after knives the main component for chopping are chopping boards. Why we insist on boards(not boards) is because for having a great kitchen you will need to have several chopping boards and that too of different colours.
  • Colours will help you to identify and specify the board for chopping of certain food items. This will help you in maintaining hygiene in your kitchen.

Set of Pans:

  • For preparing a variety of dishes you need a variety of pans too because there is no such container which fits for all kinds of dishes.
  •     Skillets:
  •     Frying, searing and browning of food items can be much easier with the   use of skillets. Mainly they are used as kitchen utensils for frying, but they can also be used as kitchen utensils for baking, sauteing etc.
  •     Having a cast iron skillet is a great option as it is durable and inexpensive.
  •     Sauce Pans:
  •     Excels in cooking mostly anything liquid.
  •     It will be really helpful if you love having stews, soups, and even the delicious pasta sauce.
  •     Large Stockpots:
  •     These pots are large saucepans without long handles. Since saucepans are smaller hence, they cannot be used to make soups or stews on a holiday dinner.
  •     So, these large stock pots can exactly act as larger saucepans and help you prepare food for your holiday dinner.


  • Overturning your food time to time allows it to cook evenly and prevents it from overcooking or undercooking and even burning. In these scenarios, the tongs come into play. These will help you move your food items.
  • Make sure to purchase one with rubber coatings on the handle so that you do not burn yourself.


  • Graters are way more useful kitchen utensils than you think. They can do much more than just shredding cheese on your dish. But why to purchase different types of graters when one thing can perform different actions for you. We are talking about a four-sided stainless steel box grater. It’s every side serves a different purpose and provides great utility.
  • It can slice veggies, it can finely grate anything, and it can shred things in stripes too. 

Food processor:

  • This is a tool we are a fan of, and I am sure you will become too when you get one.
  • A food processor helps you with doing almost all the preparations you need to do for cooking a meal.
  • From slicing vegetables to kneading bread dough in minimum time. It can do anything and everything. Many kitchen utensils = One food processor
  • It can shred, grind, chop, beat egg whites, prepare whipped cream etc.
  • The list of its uses is not limited to these only. Once you purchase it, you will find many other ways to save your time in the preparation of food.

Air fryer:

  • This tool encourages healthy eating habits as it replaces the deep frying process with air frying. Unlike deep frying, air frying is oil-less and gives identical results to deep frying. It means you can still have fried food items without actually putting oil in it.
  • Also, air frying evenly cooks the food, saves time. And the best part, it is also very easy to clean an air fryer.

Sheet Pans:

  • A sheet pan is a very essential kitchen utensil for baking. They are also known as baking trays or baking pans. These sheets are made up of metal which is oven friendly and allows you to bake pizzas, bread rolls, pastries, cookies etc.
  • If you are sweet-toothed and love to have homemade biscuits and cookies, this is a thing you must have.

Slow Cooker:

  • A slow cooker is one of those kitchen utensils to make life easier
  • You can place all the ingredients at one time-saving time. As a result of low-temperature cooking, it brings out the flavour in a dish.
  • It uses a lot less energy than an oven.
  • The reason why you should have one is it is easy to clean and helpful in cooking meals when you are busy with your work. 

Mixer and Mixing bowl:

  • You should prefer a hand mixer instead of a stand mixer, and I will tell you why.
  • Generally, stand mixers come with a difficult-to-move head which can be a little inconvenient. Also, stand mixers are bulky, and it takes a lot to clean them.
  • On the contrary, hand mixers are easy to clean and also, very convenient for using. You just need a large mixing bowl, the ingredients in it, and you are ready to go for mixing.

A set of spoons, forks, and knives.

  • A dinner set is incomplete without these kitchen utensils. Spoons are an indispensable part of the kitchen. Be it a large spoon which is used for mixing, stirring, serving, etc. or be it smaller spoons which are used for eating. Forks and knives complement the spoons and serve many purposes. Make sure you get them in kitchen utensils with holders.
  • Also, purchase a large wooden spoon as they are damage-free and the most versatile tool for mixing.


  • To keep the microorganisms out and limit the development of moulds in the stored food, you should consistently utilize water/air, proof containers. Indeed, even while putting away dry food things like pulses, it is best to get airtight containers since they forestall dampness.
  • Always prefer to purchase such containers which are also microwave friendly so that you don’t have to pour the food in other containers to heat them.


So, next time you go for kitchen shopping do remember these kitchen utensils names. Do not forget to make notes, and also read reviews for different brands before purchasing any of the appliances.


Author’s bio:

Nellie Rodriguez is an experienced writer and online entrepreneur. When not approving orders for her online stores, Nellie loves writing informative posts to help her readers in purchasing home utensils. Nellie enjoys entertaining guests in her home during weekends.

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