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7 Moving Day Tips That Help You Out From Stress


Move enough, and you’ll begin to notice a familiar pattern of the process. There are the first days of excitement, when you collect packing supplies, moving boxes, and energize yourself for a few days of hard work. Then the hard work begins, and you realize that whatever you thought would take ten minutes would actually take thirty, and whatever you thought would take an hour would actually take five minutes.

Finally comes moving day, a long, sweaty day of lifting heavy things and hiccups at the last minute. When all is said and done, you can sit back in your new home and relax for a second before you look around at your boxes and realize how much to do. Meanwhile, life – jobs, kids, pets, etc. still demands your attention, and the internet company just said it won’t be able to set up your service for another week.

So is it any wonder that many people find moving stressful?

Don’t mean to paint a grim picture of the move- it’s really not too bad, and it always works well in the end. Yet moving comes with stress, it is a fact of life, and it is better to know what to expect (and how to cope with it) than to let it frustrate you.

These seven tips on how to make moving less stressful are a good place to start.

1. Accept that stress is a natural part of moving

Overcoming moving stress begins with acceptance. If you realize from the start that you will likely experience some stress throughout your move, you are unlikely to let that hold you back when it happens. Think about other times in your life where you have accepted occasional stress as part of the process and simply worked through it, such as at school or your job. Stress is a natural human response to difficult circumstances, but it is not the end of the world. Indeed, it can be of use to you. Deal with it as it is and acknowledge the feeling when it happens, but don’t let it stop you from the tasks at hand.

2. Give yourself enough time

Time is one of the biggest sources of moving tension. More specifically, not having enough of it. The stress-free step may not be possible, but you can make it a lot easier by making sure you set aside enough time to get everything done. Imagine that it would take you about two days to set up a studio or one-bedroom apartment, three to four days for a two-bedroom home, five to six days for a three-bedroom home, etc. Make sure you give yourself enough time to take other steps as well, such as researching and selecting a moving company or movers, setting up facilities in your new home, and cleaning the house you are leaving. The more you leave until the last minute, the crazy you get.

3. Start small

Deal with the little things first and you’ll notice that you quickly add up to the big things. If you feel paralyzed by triggering tension or simply don’t know where to start, just get something done, whether it’s packing one kitchen drawer or putting all your books in a box. Making progress, big or small, is important to managing stress, so don’t worry about how to get everything you own, ship it to another location, unload it into a new space, and focus instead on getting it done piece by piece.

4. Stay organized

Organization is key if you want to make movement less stressful. This applies to all aspects of your movement, from sorting and labeling boxes in a way that makes it easy to empty them to keep all the documents you might need – the contract with your carriers, new lease agreement, etc. in one place, it’s easy to locate. If you make regulation a priority, you will prepare yourself for fewer headaches and an easier general movement.

5. Hire professional movers

If you can make room for that in your budget, nothing helps relieve the stress of moving more than handing over some of the key tasks such as vehicle transport to a professional moving company. In addition to helping with the heavy lifting on a moving day, movers can also help pack, wrap your luggage safely, and move difficult items like lights and art. This is a lot less work on your part and a lot less stress as a result. Just make sure to hire professional Movers & Removalists Bulleen with a proven reputation with reliable and trustworthy service, or else you might end up with more stress rather than less.

6. Ask for help

When you need help, it’s ok to ask for support. If you feel nervous on the move, seek help from a friend or family member, or even just some friends while packing or unpacking your belongings. An extra set of hands can greatly reduce the stress of moving, and having another person around is a huge distraction from what might be a daunting task. If you can plan ahead and seek help a week or more in advance so that anyone can help. Always make sure to show gratitude for any help you receive and return the favor if the time comes.

7. Get some sleep

When there’s so much to do, it’s easy to put sleep on the back burner. But the less comfort you have, the more likely you are to feel overwhelmed by stress. Make sleep a priority while you’re on the move, and try to get as much rest as possible all night. Moving can take a lot, both physically and mentally, and if you don’t get enough sleep, you’re going to run empty very quickly. Allow yourself to be recharged properly every night, and you will notice that you are more efficient and less stressed.

Life can be stressful, and movement is no exception. Accept the experience as it is, and make sure you take care of yourself during the moving process. And when it’s over, consider treating yourself with a stress reliever, such as a massage or a nice evening out. You will definitely have won it.


Author Bio:

Jeremy Payne has been associated with the Moving and Packing Industry for more than 10 years she is an expert in the logistics and transportation niche. Jeremy has been associated with CBD Movers a leading Moving Company in Australia and one of the best Best Movers & Removalists in Bulleen. He loves writing and sharing a variety of blogs within the logistics realm.

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