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Landscaping Tips That will Add Value to Your Pennsylvania Home


As a homeowner, you are probably looking for ways to add value to your Pennsylvania home. While you are busy repairing and upgrading the interior of your home, you will almost certainly overlook landscaping. However, landscaping is more than just pretty flowers, bushes, and trees. Your landscaping is a reflection of your interior, and it is the first thing the potential buyer will see when they come to your house. Besides, landscaping is one of the most important ways to increase your property value very quickly. According to experts, adding landscaping to your house can increase the value of your property by as much as 12 percent.  So here are some landscaping tips that will get you started and add value to your Pennsylvania home.

Start landscaping with a plan

Before you start with the project, you will need to have a good strategy. First, you will have to get rid of all the clutter you have in your yard so that you have a clean look and can start with landscaping. If you don’t know what to do with the unnecessary stuff you have in your backyard, on-site storage can be really helpful in this process. Secondly, if you want a landscape that adds value to your Pennsylvania home, make sure that you have a good mixture of shrubs and perennials. You want a variety of planting without the area look cluttered and small. And remember that sometimes less is more.

Match the landscape to your home style

If you want to get an excellent return on investment with landscaping, start with gardening and make sure it fits your home style. You don’t want a Japanese garden if you own a Victorian home. This type of garden will appear out of place and may even lower the price of your property rather than add to it. Equally, if you have a modern home style, you will want to have a clean and low-maintenance garden with a lot of greenery and natural-looking beds that fit the contours of your property.

A beautiful backyard with a fountain
To add value to your Pennsylvania home, match the landscape to your home style

Go for year-round style

You will put your home on the market at some point of the year, and you need to make sure that your garden looks good throughout the year. You need to achieve a seasonal balance which will add value to your Pennsylvania home. Think about how you can make your landscaping attractive all year. Plan some evergreens for the winter, shrubs with bright leaves in the fall, blooming bulbs for spring, and annuals for summer. You can also ask your local experts to give you some tips to maintain the garden throughout the year.

Take care of the lawn to add value to your Pennsylvania home

It may sound insignificant, but only regular edging of your lawn can be enough to have a neat and well-presented garden. This means that you should trim the edge of the lawn and make a distinction between the border and the grass. Also, remove the stray entrails of lawn that spread over the driveway. Many people don’t take this final step of edging the lawn after mowing it. However, this step is very important because the neatly trimmed edge adds a sense of completion and adds value to a house. To maintain your lawn regularly, try to find some lawn care tips for a more healthy lawn throughout the year.

A house with a beautiful landscape
Well-maintained lawn makes a difference

Add attractive trees

With trees, you can’t go wrong. Trees will help you add shape to your garden, they get rid of the carbon dioxide in the air, and can even grow fruit. If you add a few simple trees to your garden, you will also make an enormous difference to the sale price of your home. When choosing the best trees for your garden, aim to add trees that are sturdy and easy to maintain. If you are looking for some of the best trees to plant in Pennsylvania, here are some of the choices you have:

  • Red oak – if you are looking for a tree that will add value to your Pennsylvania home and at the same can withstand almost anything, you should plant red oak. It is a strong and hardy tree that is easy to take care of and only needs watering during drought.
  • Pin oak – it is a popular tree in Pennsylvania, it grows extremely quickly, it is tolerant to urban stressors, and it doesn’t require watering
  • Paperbark maple – it is a small tree of an oval and round shape, and it is great for smaller yards. It prefers full sunlight exposure, and it can be paired with other trees since it grows to about 30 feet.
  • Swamp white oak Many Pennsylvania homeowners use this tree for a larger yard. It is extremely beautiful, with light gray bark which makes it different from the rest of the trees. It requires very little watering and a lot of sunlight.
A patio in the backyard
People love to spend time outdoors, so make sure you add a patio to your garden

Pay attention to the pathway and add some patio

You don’t want a pathway that is cracked when potential buyers come because that may suggest that the rest of the house is just as much of a mess. Put some plants or small hedges on each side of the pathway. Also, a patio in your garden can add a lot of value. People love to spend time outdoors while still being in the comfort of their own home.

Landscaping is an art and if you want to boost home value, it will get you the largest return on your investment. If you want to add value to your Pennsylvania home, just follow these useful tips. When you decide to sell your home and call a respected moving company (like Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia, for example) to move you to your new home, your beautiful landscape will keep the value of the house as high as possible and will attract many buyers.


Author Bio:

Conall Lloyd is a realty specialist with a passion for blogging and garden work. Being an avid traveler, Conall has spent time in various places in Europe and Asia, and he plans on retiring in Thailand about a decade from now.

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