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How to Make the Most of Your Bathroom Space


Many people don’t care about their bathroom design. While renovating home, their main focus is on the living room and the kitchen. And bathrooms are created in the leftover space which makes them tight and compact. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise with the storage and design. Check out these hacks and tips on how you can make the most of your bathroom space. Because with the right storage, even the smallest bath area can give you a luxurious feeling. 

How to Make the Most of Your Bathroom Space 4

A small bath has an advantage

Small baths are blessed when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Even when there is less space to construct, you can use high-end tiles for the walls and flooring to cover your bath. You can add a glass door to separate the bath area and dry area so, it will maintain the openness of the bathroom. Use brighter concealed lights on the ceilings for a bright room. 

Use space below the basin counter

It’s not necessary to have cabinets for storage. Instead of that, you can use the underneath space for storage purpose. You can keep your toiletries, daily essentials, hairdryers and other equipment including the daily wear garments and towels. The idea to create this basin counter is to keep your things in a well-organised manner. In case, you have a floating or a wall-mounted basin, you can create one. 

Efficient storage

Utilise the wall space, seat area or the basin. You can create some open shelves, where you can keep belongs like towels, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions. Even you can showcase the stuff by creating a narrow counter. So plan your bath in such a corner where the natural light can come easily and can give you fresh air. 

You can hire designers because they can help you to make your bathroom more efficient for usage while making it more comfortable. After all, no one wants to cross the whole bath area and reach to the end just to wash hands. So, effective and careful planning is the priority for comfortable usage. 

Niche over the bathtub

If your bathtub is wider, then you can design a niche on the wall. It will hold all your bathing accessories that include a towel, bathing shower and toiletries. Add a shower curtain or glass separator to make your bath cleaner and bigger. Moreover, create a counter underneath your basin to put your necessities. 

Do plumbing on one wall

Plumbing on one wall can save a lot of space. That means that your toilet, basin and shower will be on one wall. And it is a great idea if you’re having a narrow and long bathroom. Because you are using one long wall for all three essentials. Consider replacing shower with tub and a small basin instead of the big sink without counters. Moreover, use large mirrors to reflect lights and an illusion of space. 

How to Make the Most of Your Bathroom Space 5

Use monochromatic colour

The colour of your bath decides about how much natural light illuminates into your space. Some colours make the bath feel bigger while others make it look smaller. It is said that a bathroom with varying shades of one colour can accomplish the same goal. So, consider some soft and neutral tones for eye fooling tricks. If you can keep the bath clean, opt for white colour as it will make your bathroom feel the largest. 

Use above doorway space

Go to your bath and check how much space you’re using vertically. Generally, the space above your doorway is vacant. You can add some storage space above the doorway. In case, your ceilings are higher than you can put some decorative storage shelves to keep your scrubs, bath bombs, etc… If you don’t think about décor, you can use those shelves for keeping your extra cleaners, bottles, and toilet papers to free up your counter storage below the sink. 

Add modern fixtures

Do you know that you can make you small feel bigger by updating those old and boring fixtures? Opt for something like bronze or copper fixtures and create a wow factor. You can consider replacing the old sinks to vessel on the top of granite countertops. If you have bathtub and it’s getting old, try replacing it with a floating style bathtub to get the modern and sleek design. It will give your bath a luxury feeling and will automatically increase your resale value. 

Don’t avoid the ceilings

A vaulted ceiling or gorgeous try will take your small bath one level up. Whether your ceilings is low or high, you have many great colour options. So consider painting your ceilings with a light complementary colour. It will visually bring walls higher. If you’re good at drawing and can create beautiful wall art, consider drawing something on the ceilings like clouds and blue sky. By doing that you will be giving an illusion of the sky under the roof. 

Break the rules

Ditch the decorating and renovating rules by opting for some light-hued mosaic tiles, different types of bathroom vanities, and a glass wall. You can combine the features to maximise your space. You can also create floating or wall-mounted cabinets. You can opt for ingenious narrow units that take up very little space. 

Don’t forget small add-ons

You can use some of the kitchen items to organise your bath area. For example, use a vertical storage unit for storing some of your towels, hairdryers, makeup products, etc. It will double up your counter space and looks good. You can also use small baskets to keep your small accessories like hair ties, clips, rings and other daily wear jewellery. If the item is too kitchen-oriented, consider doing something DIY with it and make it suitable for your bathroom and style. 


Renovating the small bath shouldn’t be that hard it can be one of the most exciting and fun tasks. So, with these above tips, you can make your space feel larger, cozy and even better than your master bathroom. Try these ideas today and see whether you fall in love with your small space or not. 


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How to Make the Most of Your Bathroom Space 6

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