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How To Keep Flies Out Of Your House


In securing our family’s health we will do everything to protect them from insects and other things that can cause them harm. One of the well-known home invaders insects are the flies, it can bring cholera, gastroenteritis, typhoid fever, and many diseases that can affect your family’s health. If you are now worrying about how to prevent them from pestering your life. Since we all know that using too much chemical for cleaning isn’t good at all, we offer you some of the natural remedies that you can find at home to get rid of them.

How To Keep Flies Out Of Your House 3

Ways On How To Keep Flies Out Of Your House

Outdoor Plants

We need to secure the outside premises of the house. I suggest that you have these kinds of plants in your garden or in a flower pot surrounding your house. These are the following plants that can stop the flies from entering your home:

  • Lavender – having a lavender at your garden can help you the bugs away. You can plant it in a sunny place or put a bundle of lavender at your windows or doors. Although a lot of people love the scent of this plant some insects don’t like it.
  • Basil – it can survive at any climate which makes it convenient.
  • Marigold – it can help get rid of not only the flies but also different kinds of insects.
  • Catnip – the study shows that this plant is effective in keeping insects away from our homes especially, mosquitoes.
  • Venus flytrap – It is a carnivorous plant that eats insects. It is advisable to plant them outside because they can eat flies there naturally but if you are thinking of planting them inside it would give you a workaround in feeding them with flies. The Venus flytrap is known to eat its prey by closing its mouth-like head that serves as its trap. After getting its prey it naturally secretes an acid that digests the insect from 5 to 12 days and spits that exoskeleton after.

There are numerous plants and flowers that can keep the bugs away from your home if you love gardening you can possibly stop them from entering your houses.

DIY Sprays

You can find relevant stuff in your kitchen that can help you get rid of the flies.

Cayenne pepper and water – Get a spraying bottle and put the water and cayenne pepper together. After that, you can use it to spray all over the house to keep the flies away.

Mint and Basil Spray – You have to grind both ingredients and mix them with water and put them into a spraying bottle. Both ingredients are known to be an insect repellant.

Natural Traps

Milk, Sugar, and Pepper  – You have to mix 3 spoons of sugar, 1 spoon of pepper with a glass of milk. Put it into the casserole let it boil and after it cooled down you can put it in the area where flies are roaming.

Orange Peels – After eating your oranges don’t throw the orange peels you can use it to get rid of the flies. Grab a cloth and tie an orange peel with it and put it in the area where flies are pestering you.

Vinegar and Dish Soap – First, you need a jar, apple cider vinegar, and dish soap. You need to mix the vinegar with a few drops of dish soap in the jar. After that, you have to cover it with a plastic wrap, and don’t forget to poke small holes only that will serve as the fly’s entrance.

Natural Food Baits – There are some foods such as wine, honey, meat and fruits that flies are naturally attracted to, you can use it as a trap to catch flies and eliminate them.

The aroma or smell that makes this insect attracted to them can be an advantage if you’re in the mission of getting rid of them for good using different kinds of trap.

You can also buy some traps that don’t need a lot of work. Here are some of the examples:

Commercial Traps

Light Traps

Since flies are easily attracted to light using a light trap would be very convenient for us. Normally, the flies will be zapped using the electricity that causes the insect’s bodies to explode. There are different types of light traps:

  • Wall mount
  • Wall Sconce
  • Ceiling Mount
  • Freestanding

Adhesive or Sticky Traps

This is one of the famous traps used in every household. You can purchase this at any store near you or at a local market. This item has an adhesive structure that can trap insects using the stickiness that glued them to the surface. It doesn’t require you to put any efforts at all just leave it any places where flies are and wait for it to be filled with insects. For reference, if you want to know what are the insects that can be caught using this trap you can check with https://content.ces.ncsu.edu/.

Flying insect Traps

It has net-like transparent structures that impede flying insects and funnel them into collecting inside a cylinder. Insects that can be caught in the net or by windblown can be trap inside it.

How To Keep Flies Out Of Your House 4

Why do I have a swarm of flies in my house?

Maybe you are wondering that no matter how many times you clean your house you can still see flies hovering around. There are certain things that made them attracted to your home if you can take that away, I’ll guarantee you that you can avoid a swarm of flies.

In order to know what you are encountering you need to research or know what type of flies were pestering your home. For common flies, they are usually attracted to any decaying foods or even filths and animal feces. We also have the so-called fruit flies, these are the group of flies that is attracted to sweet or sugary substance and it can be found in our fruits or even sweet treats. The last one is the “Drain Flies” they are living based on the place climate and usually found in the drainage where they lay their eggs.

Flies are commonly attracted to these things:

  • Opened alcoholic beverages or spilled drinks such as colas.
  • Animal remains at any corner of your house
  • Decaying or fermenting fruits
  • Trash bins left uncovered
  • Keep pet feeding and litter areas clean

If you want to get rid of them without hurting them you can still do that by following these steps:

First, you can start by observing the entrance of the flies. They will always have a favorite window or door at your house that serves as their entrance and once you figure out where that is, you can start by waiting for them to leave your house and make sure to cover every single window at your home to prevent them from coming in.

Second, another crazy step to avoid killing them is to wait for them to lay at a flat surface at the table or countertops. After that, you can start by covering them with a glass and get a thin paper. Carefully put the thin paper below the glass and make sure not to let the flies escape. After that, you can set them free outside.

Lastly, you can invest in buying bug vacuums. Study shows that bug vacuums are used by kids so that they can study flies without killing them but you need to put into mind that some of the machines aren’t friendly with the flies. They can kill those flies in the process, so you need to make sure that you select or purchase a bug vacuum that is suitable for your usage.


There you have it! The perfect methodology on how to keep flies out of your house with different tactics and ideas that will suffice your creative mind. Some of it might be budget-friendly or some will cost you a dollar or more but, rest assured that these techniques are proven and tested by many. Now, you can live an insect-free and healthy life for you and your family.

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