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How to Become a Successful Cabinet Makers?


Cabinet makers enjoy the status of ‘Most Constantly Employed’ trades workers within the country as there is a huge demand for qualified workers among employers. That is why they feature on the ‘Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).’ Hence, there are very good employment prospects for the profession. With the construction boom in progress and good employment growth opportunities, it has become one of the popular skills that one can acquire.

Cabinet makers mainly work on retail, commercial, and new household constructions. Unlike traditional carpenters, they work from factories and help in creating installations for shop fit-outs, bathrooms, and kitchen by making furniture and cabinetry that can be later assembled on site. The process of becoming a trained cabinet makers, along with the growth prospects, are discussed in the following sections.

How to Become a Successful Cabinet Makers? 3

Cabinet Maker As a Career Option: What Should You Know?

Processes of becoming a cabinet maker

Almost all cabinet makers have trade qualification that is completed as an area of apprenticeship. It is important to get a ‘Certificate III in Cabinet Making (MSF31113)’ that offers enough insights into furniture, bathrooms, and kitchens. Moreover, this certification is a mark of the credibility and qualification of the cabinet maker, thus making it easy for them to get work. Alternatively, one can also complete a ‘Certificate III in Furniture Making (MSF301213)’ from a Registered Training Organization (RTO) or TAFE to become a skilled tradesman. One can also become a trained worker by acquiring hands-on experience under a skilled supervisor at a workplace.

Skills and experience of a cabinet maker

As a cabinet maker they must be professional and should communicate well. Skills like the thoroughness of the profession and reliability of attendance at the worksite can be very highly praised by employers. Good communication skills and a self-starting attitude can also work in favor of a tradesman. Moreover, it helps in establishing trust which helps in getting long-term work. A person who believes in teamwork and is punctual about the work can be highly praised for his work. Similarly, resilience, self-motivation, and time-management skills are some other traits that can be helpful in the profession.

Earnings of a cabinet maker

As already discussed above, cabinet makers feature on the MTSSL, and therefore the employment prospects are quite bright for these professionals. Within the country, an average tradesman can easily expect to earn somewhere between $55,000 and $65,000. Experienced professionals can even cross $80,000 depending on one’s skill set and the kind of work performed by them. In some states, the earnings can be slightly on the higher side due to more work opportunities, but overall there is ample scope for the professionals in this industry.

The current job opportunities

There are enough job opportunities for cabinet makers within the country as their skill is highly needed in domestic as well as commercial applications. While browsing through any job site, one can notice that there will be a large number of openings in the trade in almost all the states. Whereas some densely-populated states may need more tradesmen, others also need their services in equal measure. That is why the projected job growth of the sector until 2024 has been pegged at a comfortable rate of 1.6 percent.

How to Become a Successful Cabinet Makers? 4

What are the working hours for these professionals

A cabinet manufacturer can enjoy a good work-life balance. They can choose to work on the project they want. This gives them the leverage to have a work life balance. Depending on one’s preference, these professionals can also opt to do shift work and even work late at night. Thus, we can see that there is ample flexibility in this profession.


Cabinet manufacturers are liable to get a pension from the government after their successful tenure so that it makes all the more pleasurable to join the profession. By going through the above-mentioned points, any aspirant can understand the needs of the profession and start preparing accordingly for the role.

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