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Home Security Tips For Holiday Season


With the holiday season coming upon us, many people are starting with preparations for visiting relatives in other cities, being out of the house for a few days. Unfortunately, there are burglars who are waiting just for this, and many signs can tell whether you are at home or not. We will give you a few tips on how to reduce the chances of being ransacked. Of course, these tips will not definitely keep unwanted visitors away, but will significantly reduce the probability of being robbed.

Home Security Tips For Holiday Season 2

Inside the house

There are numerous signs that can tell whether you are away from home for a prolonged period of time. If devices such as television or stereo system are inactive for a few days, it is a signal of your absence, and to solve this, buy a timer which will turn radio and TV on and off periodically. This will create an illusion of people living there.

On the other hand, avoid putting your TV or stereo in such a place that can be seen from the street, rather put it aside, so only reflection from the screen can be seen. Also, move your Christmas tree away from windows, for many burglars can simply smash the window, and take the wrapped gifts.

Also, avoid leaving “instructions” on your whereabouts, concerning phone secretary and social networks. Via your street address burglar can easily come up with your phone number, and if he calls and hears a message saying that you have left for a few days, it is almost an invitation for him. You can divert calls to your cell phone instead, so you will always answer the incoming call. In addition, if you own a safe, lockout your personal papers, such as passports and credit cards, for it has been noted that identity theft is on the rise.

Outside the house

Considering the exterior of your home, signs are even more apparent. Leaving your front door light turned on is ill-advised. Connect it to the already mentioned timer, so it can turn on or off. Also, piles of newspapers, leaflets, and other materials that can come while you are away are the strongest sign that you are not at home.

Ask a trusting neighbor to keep your porch clean of such things, or cancel a subscription of the newspaper for a few days. In addition, mind your mailbox, remove tile with your surname, for a thief can easily reach your phone number, and make a call to see if you are at home. Avoid also to simply throwing away boxes of newly acquired devices, such as DVD players, TVs, or sound systems, this is a signal that you have some modern facilities in your house and can be tempting for a thief. Turn them inside out, or fold it, so it can’t be seen what was packed inside. Also, it would be wise to install some security monitoring system, so you boost up safety overall.

Doors and windows

Remember, never, and it must be stressed, never leave your spare key in the vicinity of the door. You may think that a flower pot is an excellent way to hide a key, but in fact, it can be easily found and used for entrance. It is better to leave it at your neighbor’s possession. Unsecured windows can be seen from afar, so double-check everything before you leave. In addition, many houses have access to the garage, so mind the windows and doors there too. Speaking of which, it would be wise to pack your bags and suitcases into your car within the garage, so nobody can see the number of things you are packing. Keep in mind also that locks can be picked, so consider installing modern, burglary resistant locks, stronger and sturdier doors with longer screws, or extra locking bolts. You will benefit from this security system in the long terms, not just during holidays.

With everything said in mind, pay attention to the things on which you haven’t before. Think in advance, and plan according to this. Think about what you could do to improve the safety of your home and to protect your belongings. Some items can easily be replaced, but, some things bear sentimental value, and this is something that is irreplaceable.

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