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5 Best Glass Window Treatment Ideas In 2020


Fortunately, enough, 2020 gave us all the time that we needed to spend at our home with our loved ones. But while it was a good thing, this time period also made many of us realize about all the things that needed fixture for quite a long time inside our houses; either to enhance the visual appeal or to make that particular thing more useful. One of such area of any house usually includes windows as homeowners often for glass window repair in Flower Mound TX.

window treatment ideas

A lot of them also think that going for a new window is actually better than doing little tweaks. However, the reality is that most of them are also not aware of window treatments that you can try to make your interior look great and let the light come through the same windows in unique ways.

As we are sure that your name should also be included in the list of such homeowners who have no idea about stuff related to window treatment, here are a few creative ways that can help you in the matter.

Open Floor Plans

Be it an apartment or house, if you want to enjoy great outdoor views in the best way possible then go for open floor plans and make the space inside your house more flexible. You can also go for light window treatments like breezy open curtains with no blinds or even a stylish curtain rod to make your interior look more amazing.

Coastal Palettes

Do you know that the Classic Blue has been Pantone’s color of the year for 2020? So, it’s about time that you go for more coastal-inspired colors if you want to bring that natural vibe on the inside of your house.

In case, if you already have neutral decor then use blue as an accent for window treatments for a more tranquil impact.

Shutters Are Again Popular

If reports are to be true from Blinds.com then shutters this year have become the fastest-growing category in the wide range of blinds related products. This is because along with offering classic style and privacy, shutters can also bring in that stark and cold effect. Furthermore, you can also soften the look with curtains and drapes.

The only thing that you need to be extra careful about is that the curtain rods should be long enough to let the shutter open and close easily.

Motorized Curtains

This is undoubtedly the most exciting addition that one can bring to their house – the motorized curtains. You can always easily control this advanced window treatment with a remote, smartphone, Alexa or even Google.

However, the only shortfall of this technology is the cost associated to getting it installed around the house. Homeowners can expect to pay anything in between $300 to $1000 for each window and if they want the technology for glass door replacement, then the cost will go even higher.

Cordless Lift Styles

The best alternative for motorized curtains (for when they are out of budget) is blinds with cordless lifts. The best part about the cordless window treatments is that they are easy to use and can serve to be the best option if you want to get them installed inside your children’s room. Besides that, the cordless lift blinds make your windows look clean and modern as well.

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