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Exterior Home Renovation: Top 11 Outdoor Design Trends In 2020


Homeowners blessed with a balcony, patio, lawn, or a garden – it’s time for you to celebrate! You are the most fortunate people who can build your heaven on earth amidst nature. If you are planning to remodel your landscape in the next little while, then you’ve come at the right place.

We’ve laid down 11 gorgeous outdoor design trends for you to try in 2020. So, push yourself a little bit and create the experiences you’ve been craving for since long.

1. Add trendy furniture

Give some space to natural materials in your landscape. For that, put a rattan sofa and table styled with elegant textiles and blended with metal furniture and accessories. Also, try to mix and match the materials.

Exterior Home Renovation: Top 11 Outdoor Design Trends In 2020 3

Nowadays, composite decking is trending everywhere. So, build your outdoors using composite materials, accompanying the wicker outdoor furniture. This trend of mixing materials will allow you to go creative and create a landscape of your own, making it a style statement.

2. Give your railings an aluminium touch

Most of the homeowners don’t think about deck railings much during landscape designing. But they are the ones which can become a big part of your design experience. Amongst all, the welded aluminium railings in a black finish have become a popular choice of many. It is durable, low-maintenance and a smart investment for your outdoor space.

A simple look always compliments the aesthetics, and this vertical element will surely become an eye-catchy thing.

3. Make the sea your inspiration

City residents don’t get a chance to enjoy a pin a colada by the seaside. But there is a way to fulfil your wish. Get a bit of the sea to your outdoors by choosing a blue and white theme for your space. And then sit back and enjoy those comfortable cushions and the sun with a chilled cocktail.

4. Bring out your kitchen

Nowadays, outdoor kitchens have been trending a lot as many people enjoy spending time in their yards. Earlier, people used to get satisfied with just rolling barbeque cart, but now those days are gone. Grills masters are taking a centre stage and winning the hearts of many.

As investing in an outdoor kitchen is a high-quality feature, you need to make sure that it’s flexible and fully functional. And aluminium would be the best material for it. It makes them light and easy to transport. You can also go for more options in the form of add-ons like side burners, mini-fridges, storage space, etc.

5. Throw much-needed shade

We are sure many of you love to take morning coffee in a sun-kissed morning. But you may not want it beating down on you in the middle of the afternoon. Therefore, check out some fabulous canopy solution to throw much-needed shade.

Some beautiful canopy designs like upcycled sign canopies, origami playground canopies, etc. are bringing an arty twist in the traditional ones. It will present an aesthetically pleasing view to your guests.

6. Enhance your walkways

Wooden walkways and pathways are a more viable alternative than gravel or pavers. They’ll help you to give beautiful, durable, and maintenance-free landscape that compliments your rest of the property.

If your deck is made up of composite materials, then do the same for your walk-aways also. It will make your landscape look natural because composite decking is eco-friendly and also foot-lovers. Add some smooth river stones around your deck walk away and put some lighting. It will add a sense of style and warmth.

7. Go green

Green is the colour that is trending in 2020 and will continue to be in the future. Incorporate plants and accessories with greens as it will be oxygenating as well as natural. Go for hanging plants to get more space. They have gained so much of vogue in the past years that it has become a trendy design of 2020.

8. Go back to swinging times

Adding a touch of a traditional element in your urban outdoors will be intriguing. A swing in your garden will guarantee to bring you relaxation in the days filled with chaos and stress. So, place a wood swing with colourful cushions to brighten your space up. Listen to music, hear a bird song, and enjoy the barbeque on the tailor-made swing and we promise you won’t ever want to leave from there.

9. Bridge your indoors with outdoors

Your outdoor space is an add-on of your home. Therefore, bridge your indoors with outdoors with string or pendant lights to give an illusion of a ceiling. You can even fix folding glass doors and windows to create a seamless union of your house to the landscape.

10. Bring the stars down

Lighting is necessary if you want to enjoy your outdoor spaces in the evening. It boosts your night-time life. Whenever you throw a party at night, your eye-catchy lightings would be the first element to grab your guests’ attention. Therefore, consider adding solar landscape lighting for your pathway, string lights for sitting areas, and motion lights for security.

Also, go a bit creative while bringing the stars down. Hang charming mason jar candle lanterns or surround a globe light with a rope sphere.

11. Make an outdoor garden room

Garden is a place where you can chill and relax in all the seasons. For this, building an outdoor garden room would be an ideal option. The extra room in your home and that too on your outdoors will make your weekend chillax.

So, make long fences your walls. Select outdoor furniture that will ensure the look and feel of your indoor furniture. Fill your garden with lights and zone your space for 24*7*365.

Inspire your imagination

Creativity is not a gift bestowed to a few people from their birth. All have creative minds, but for some, it is buried under boring tasks, routines, and responsibilities. It needs to be nursed, cultivated and practised. And what’s better than to start with your outdoor space renovation.

Kick your mind, inspire your imagination, and jot down the creative ideas. If you don’t have enough of time to remodel your landscape, then dial a professional’s number. And on this world environmental day (5th June), make your house a home for nature and celebrate biodiversity.


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Exterior Home Renovation: Top 11 Outdoor Design Trends In 2020 4

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