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Decorations You Might Forget That Make A Big Difference


Moving into a new place is one of the most exciting parts of living independently. Apart from the newfound freedom, you’ll have a new space you can design with colors and decorative pieces that are uniquely yours. The good interior design creates a pleasant environment, helping you de-stress when you get home. But since there are various options for fixtures and furniture available, decorating can feel fun and overwhelm at the same time.

Check out the following decorations you might have missed, and find out how they can make a big difference in your home’s interior design.

Area Rugs

If you’ve ever walked into a fully decorated room and felt as though something was still lacking, it was probably because the floors were bare. Adding modern rugs for living room will cause more cozy and warm. A new rug with intricate designs and rich heritage, for instance, can be a great conversation starter when you invite guests over.

When decorating with rugs, consider its shape, pattern, and texture. You’re free to experiment when mixing or matching prints and colors, but steer clear of over decorating your new place. Too many designs can feel overwhelming and disrupt the harmony you’re trying to achieve.

Accent Wallpapers

Accent wallpapers help break the monotony and spice up a plain side of the room. Choose backgrounds with bold prints or an intriguing color palette then place them on a bare wall or a small room. Short hallways and cramped spaces will look better with a splash of color or more fascinating patterns. Meanwhile, lustrous wallpapers can add dimension to an otherwise drab wall. If you don’t want to spend extra on buying a new wallpaper, you can use the scraps of wallpaper leftover from redecorating other rooms instead. They can create a fabulous backdrop that looks just as impressive. 

High-Quality Curtains

Aside from giving privacy and keeping the sunlight out, curtains can add a peaceful ambiance to your room. Sheer curtains can be placed in the bedroom to create a more romantic vibe, for instance, while deep-colored fabrics can add contrast to your room. Curtains with a high thread count are also known to display formality and drama because of their luxurious look. To create the illusion of height, you can attach long curtains close to the ceiling and let it fall, leaving the edges to hover slightly above the floor for added drama.

Customized Furniture

Did you know that you can easily make a room look more elegant when everything fits into place? Customized furniture maximizes space and improves the overall harmony of your home. Determine if your house has extra space to accommodate shelves, tables, and drawers so you can properly organize your other items and belongings. With everything in the right place, you’ll be delighted to move into an orderly space.


Mirrors aren’t only great for looking at your reflection. When placed in the right spots, they can amplify light, add depth, and make a room look more spacious. Incorporate mirrors into your interior design by adding a large, wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling glass to your home. To enhance its decorative appeal even further, you can shop for mirrors with antique or other eye-catching frames.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting has a significant impact on the overall feel of a room because it creates a stunning focal point, accentuates wall decor, and sets the right tone in a room. Decor lighting comes in various forms, allowing you to be more versatile by choosing the best fixtures based on the atmosphere you’re trying to create. Sconces, for example, are available in many colors, shapes, and styles. When attached to a wall, they instantly set up a relaxing, ambient mood. Some chandeliers and pendants can also be extravagant statement pieces.


If you’re an art collector or have a painting or two you’re fond of, consider putting them on display. You can create a gallery wall or a small nook for your collectibles. This section will easily stand out and add a personal touch to your home. Organize pieces thoughtfully and refrain from simply clumping them together in one space. If you don’t want to keep them all in the same room, you can also hang your paintings, figurines, and other artworks in other areas of your home.

Whether you’re giving your house a more classic look, or trying out an out-of-the-box design, keep in mind that you shouldn’t sacrifice functionality for aesthetics. Other than that, you’re free to embrace your personal preferences and decorate your new place as you see fit.

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