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Tips for Decluttering and Organizing Your Small Seattle Home


It’s hard to escape the fact that no matter how tidy of a person you are, sooner or later, you will face a build-up of small items or clutter in your home. How you deal with this clutter will influence not only the aesthetics of your home but also your mood. Studies have shown that people who live in clean, tidy, and organized homes lead less stressful, happier, and healthier lives. We’re not saying you need to reinvent your home in a minimalistic style. However, there are numerous benefits of having less clutter lying around. Let’s take a look at a selection of tips for decluttering and organizing your small Seattle home that should help you make your place of residence a more relaxing and stress-free environment.

Review problem areas and create a schedule

Before we begin to remove small, unnecessary items, it is a good idea to review the areas of your home which might contain the most clutter. In general, areas such as garages and basements usually contain various items we seldomly use and don’t really need. Following these, the kitchen and home office seem to be the next most problematic areas in most homes, and last but not least, the bathroom and bedroom.

Once you have identified the areas of your home which will require the most work, it is a good idea to create a cleaning schedule. Keep in mind that decluttering these areas will not only require you to remove items from them but will also entail you sorting these items into different categories and cleaning any dust or dirt left behind. Create a schedule and stick to it.

Sorting the items you no longer need

One of the toughest tasks related to decluttering is identifying and sorting the items you no longer need. We all have plenty of items we hold on to but never really use. Now is the time to remove any emotional attachment to these objects and get rid of them. This can be difficult for many of us, so we must ask ourselves several questions along the way: How often do I use this item? How easily can it be replaced? Does it still work?

A woman asking herself questions.
Asking yourself whether certain items are essential or not is a key element of decluttering and organizing your small Seattle home.

You will need to sort the items you go through and one method that has proven to be efficient with many homeowners is to get several boxes and label them according to what you plan on doing with the items that will be put in them.

Items you wish to keep – Once you have filled the box with items you wish to keep, it is important that you designate a place in your home for each item. If you wish to keep these items but do not plan on using them too often, you should consider finding a storage unit where you can keep your belongings and know that they are safe. Don’t forget to create an inventory list of the items inside the storage container and tape it somewhere visible. This will make finding any item you are looking for at a later stage much easier.

If you have some items that are hard to store, consider consulting a professional storage company. Their ideas can help you save time and make storage easier.

Items you no longer need – Once you have filled the box with the items you no longer want or need you are well and truly along the way to successfully decluttering your home. There are several ways you can get rid of these items. Consider which items you wish to throw away, which items you can donate to charity and which items you might be able to sell at a garage sale if you wish to earn a bit extra cash from your housekeeping efforts.

Clearing countertops

Decluttering and clearing your countertops and desktops is a small task that has a big impact. Keeping the flat surfaces in your small Seattle home neat and clear will not only ensure that your living space appears tidier and well-organized, but it will also make other tasks such as dusting a lot easier too. Consider how to arrange a small living room and other living areas so that you get the most out of your living space.

There are several items you will need to keep on the countertops, but try and put any unnecessary items away in drawers or cupboards. The kitchen is one area where this step is especially important. Try and store any kitchen appliances that you don’t really use on a daily basis in the kitchen cupboards. Otherwise, they will just take up space and collect dirt and grime while making your kitchen appear less organized.

A view of an organized and decluttered kitchen. Follow the tips for decluttering and organizing your small Seattle home for the same effect.
Any unnecessary item should be stored in cupboards or drawers to keep countertops clear and clutter-free.

Sorting personal tech gadgets

Now more than ever, our homes are becoming overrun by various tech gadgets that are intended to make our lives easier but often have the exact opposite effect. Most of us have bought tech gadgets that we never really use anymore but don’t want to get rid of. These items take up space, use power, and collect dust. Consider opting for self-storage services, such as those found at PortaBox Storage Seattle, to store your unused tech gadgets.

The most common problem related to tech gadgets in every home is their power cables. If you don’t recognize what gadget a certain power cable is for, you probably don’t need it anymore. Once you are left with the power cables you do need, we suggest keeping them together. Tying them up is possible using cable ties or rubber bands. No matter how you organize the power cables in your home, they are not exactly a decorative element so try to hide them behind furniture or appliances.

A router with a lot of cables.
Organizing your home cables can bring a lot of aesthetic difference to your home.

Reading material

The number and placement of books and magazines is the difference as to whether they are considered decorative items or a nuisance. Try to keep your books stacked neatly on a bookshelf and make sure you don’t have heaps of magazines lying around. If you are reluctant to get rid of a magazine because it contains an article you enjoyed or a recipe you wish to keep, we suggest cutting these out and storing them in a scrapbook.

The benefits of decluttering

We hope that these tips for decluttering and organizing your small Seattle home will allow you to reap the rewards of living in an organized home. Fewer items lying around will make your living space appear less chaotic and more spacious and bright. There will be less dust which means less cleaning for you and more importantly, it lowers the risk of allergies and other associated health problems. This is just one great way of improving air quality in your home. Enjoy spending time in a more relaxing and comfortable home!

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