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Composite Door – Why many homeowners prefer it?


Putting our family’s safety first is what we always desire. There are a lot of options to find the perfect door that can keep the uninvited guest from our home. To ensure that the entrance of our homes can secure us at night, It is highly recommended you choose a composite door. You need to adapt to the changes as new things are getting invented from time to time. Upgrading certain objects to make our life easier. One of the examples is the composite doors that they modernized and make it more secure and beneficial.

What is a Composite Door?

Composite doors are made with high resistance to weathering and it will not easily react to seasonal changes. It is made with a combination of high-quality materials that were selected for their usefulness. A composite door has a thermal resistance compared to the old-fashioned wooden doors because of its insulation foam core.

yellow composite door

The main goal of creating composite doors is to improve the quality of the doors and making it more secure and durable in the long run. It has a superior quality that sets a new high standard in the door industry. You might see it as a normal wooden door but be grateful for its material the color doesn’t fade. No maintenance needed, all you have to do is to wipe it with a damp cloth if it’s dirty and your door is good as new.

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages however, these are the beautiful things that set apart composite door from others:

What are the Benefits of Composite Doors

Reduces Noise

If you are living near the road or somewhere noisy, having a composite door can reduce or even block the noise coming in at your home, giving you a peaceful ambiance and relaxing time.

Low maintenance

You can decorate it with the color you want or add some design that you desire. I assure you that it would stay for a long time and no need to repaint it monthly because the color won’t fade easily.

Modern designs and colors

With a variety of designs from classic, modern and urban our customers will have a lot of choices that will match their doors and styles. It also has to paint colors that are heat-reflective and make it long-lasting and it won’t fade easily.


Composite doors have a lot of accessories that made it different from one single material doors. It has exquisite locks, lever handles, knockers, and even letter plates with materials use such as chrome, granite, steel, and even gold. Adding up these kinds of accessories at your doors can make it more secure and it can add home value

Secure and Safe

If you want to make sure that you are making a worthwhile investment with your door. You can check this video showing that a man is trying to break in using a sledgehammer through a composite door. Here’s the link: https://youtu.be/XyJO1levoEw. A composite door is famous not because of the beauty it can give you but for its security as well.

Heat Resistant

It has a composition that can help prevent heat and even cold from entering your home. Its thermal resistance is one of its good qualities that sets it apart from other types of door and it is beneficial for your family if you want to give them comfort and security.


It has an insulation foam core that makes it sturdy. It is suitable in any environment because of its resiliency and durability.

How much does it cost?

After reading all the good qualities you might think that a composite door is expensive but ensuring your family’s well-being and security is a great investment.

Composite doors cost from $500 to $2800 depending on its design and materials that are going to be used during the project. You also need to take into consideration the installer and location because the price varies with it. If you are looking for precise information about the cost of the composite door you are going to pay. This website offers you the option to check the exact size, materials, installation, and labor that you wanted at your door.

How long does it last?

The lifespan of your door is the number one thing you need to consider in choosing the right one. The composite door average lifespan is 30 years so if you’re thinking of replacing it, you wouldn’t have to worry about it. That makes it a perfect investment if you want the ideal and secured front door for your family that will add a home value at your home as well as security. They have a sturdy material that makes it last for a long time. You don’t have to put a lot of effort into maintaining its beauty because it paints can last for a long time too, and it’s material as well and other door accessories.

How to keep it good as new?

The composite doors maintenance is very easy and less work. These are the tips you can follow:

  • Prepare the materials needed. (Damp cloth or sponge, soap, water, and a clean rug)
  • After that, you can use a sponge or a damp cloth to put it in the water with soap and start wiping the frame. It would be much better if you open the door for you to reach every edge of it where dust cannot be seen by the naked eyes.
  • Change the water and start cleaning the glass part of the door.
  • Lastly, after you’ve cleaned the glass and frame you can get a clean cloth that you can remove the remaining surplus of water to polished your door and make it look like its brand new.

As you can see it doesn’t need a lot of work or any expensive cleaning materials. All you have to do is wipe it and you’re good to go, you can have it as good as a brand new one.

Composite Doors Design

We have Single door, Double door and stable door types for composite doors. Arch frames are also available for single doors just ask your installer. They also come with glazing options depending on the door style that you’ve chosen a stunning glass installation. The glass designs can be supplied with double or triple glazing units. Most of the installers have different designs that can satisfy your personal preferences.

There are three designs mainly use for composite doors:

Classic Collection – is inspired in Georgian and Victorian eras.  It also has an elegant effect that would make your neighbors jealous because of its vibrant colors.

Country Collection – it has a rustic effect and traditional looks that take us back from the English cottages that give us a very magnificent look.

Urban Collection – has a modern style that can complement if you have a minimalist type of home and it can add home value because of its simple yet very classy style design.

That is what makes the Composite Door stand out from other doors. It has high standard security, it lasts for 3 decades and a quality that ensures the safety and well-being of your family. If you want to add home value, security, and beauty then you can only find it by choosing a composite door.

uPVC vs Composite Door – What’s the difference?

These days uPVC and Composite doors are in demand. These two types of doors have similarities and differences as well that sets each other apart. For better understanding, we are going to discuss each quality and difference.


A uPVC door is cheaper than a Composite door but it doesn’t mean that it cannot secure your house. Due to the thickness of its frame, it won’t be difficult to enter it by force. For Composite Doors, we cannot deny the fact of its outstanding security because of its glass-reinforced plastic core that makes it secure from any housebreaker. However, breaking into these two doors would give any burglar a hard time because it was made to secure the household from any threats

Life span

The uPVC doors can last up to 20 to 25 years and Composite doors for 30 years. It might vary on how you take care of these doors because, if uPVC doors were well taken care of, it could last for more than its estimated lifespan which is 25 years, the same with the Composite door its lifespan depends on its maintenance.


Since these doors look so fancy and high maintenance, you’ll be shocked to know that keeping them clean isn’t costly and effortless at all. All you have to do is to get any kind of soap use for cleaning, a sponge or a damp cloth and water. Wipe the dirt away, splash some water and wipe it again with dry cloth, then voila it’s good as new.

Heat Resistance

UPVc would more likely perform less than the composite door given its quality and its materials thickness. The composite door can be more productive as a heat resistant because of the thickness of this door.


If you are asking the pricing difference between these two types of doors, I’ll explain it to you. uPVC doors cost from $300 to $500. However, composite doors are more likely expensive because of the materials used and this doors price is $500 to $2500 given the components materials that are going to be used for this type of door. The price varies from the high-quality security it offers the customer, the durability, the lifespan, the beauty that it can add up, and also put into account the labor and installation of the doors.


If you are going to choose uPVC it usually arrives with white color but you can choose various designs to beautify it. For composite doors, they have 3 types of design. First, The Classic, Country and Urban collection. It also has limited colors for each design.

They might have the same quality in terms of security, longevity, and maintenance but there are many variables that make each other unique. In choosing the door you want you to need to put into consideration all the characteristics and weigh your decision after that. Whether you choose uPVC or Composite door it will surely satisfy your home and secure it from burglars.


When it comes to aesthetic and security, composite doors are by far the best choice for any homeowners who want the best of both worlds. When it comes, to safety of your family and belongings, do not hesitate to invest on it.

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