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When is the best time to install a new roof?


There is a reason why people say that having a roof over your head is the most important thing. Some might say this figuratively, but we mean it in the most literal sense possible. Even though it is on top of your property, the roof is essential as much as the foundation. That is why your roof always must be in tip-top shape. If it isn’t, it might be the perfect time to install a new roof. If you are a rookie in this department, no worries. We are here to lend you a helping hand. Keep on reading to learn all the basics when you face any issues with your roof.

How do you know that you might need to install a new roof?

Your roof is not something that meets your eyesight every day. Thus, sometimes it is hard to know that something is going wrong until there is a big sign. Once there is a leak or something drastic like that it might be too late. There is a big chance that other parts of your property might be damaged along the way. So, it would be wise to check your roof at least twice a year. Any and every little issue should be investigated right away. This task should take priority over renovations such as bathroom and kitchen remodeling and similar. Your next step is to learn how to notice roof issues.

Signs that it might be time to install a new roof

Hopefully, you take our advice seriously and you examine your roof at least twice a year. When you do, look for these potential threats:

  • Wet patches
  • Water leakage
  • Light pushing through the roof
  • Tiles that are loose
  • Drooping or sagging anywhere on the roof
  • Gutter problems
  • Signs of decay

Gutters are closely linked to your roof. Make sure you don’t skip checking them during your inspection. If you must install a new roof, new gutters are also a must.

roofer on a roof checking tiles.

In case you aren’t able to inspect your roof on your own, it might be a good idea to hire pros that can do that for you.

Never wait for the last minute

Most property owners will wait for their roof to take its last breath. This is a major mistake that can cost you a lot of money and stress down the line. Improper roofing can be the root of any property damages. You might be tempted to start with gardening and other more fun activities around your home. However, that wouldn’t be the smartest move. Your roof is the main priority and you should treat it as such. Don’t find yourself stuck with a leaky roof, while you are on the waiting list for contractors to call you back. Don’t be fooled. If you get stuck with a broken roof during the peak season of roofing, you will be waitlisted. In other words, you will be in a whole lot of trouble.

Is there such a thing as ideal weather for roof repairs?

The best time to install a new roof depends on the city and the area you live in. If we exclude extreme conditions such as freezing weather, most experienced roof contractors can get the job done at any point. Nevertheless, the temperature isn’t the only important factor. Strong winds and rain should also be avoided. Getting the job started is a true gamble in those conditions.

No matter how experienced your contractor is, there is a chance of leakage during the project if working during a rainy period. Consequently, your contractor must make an important judgment call and communicate with you if he or she feels there are certain elements that can endanger your project. So, if your roof turned out to be a mess, you are in desperate need of professionals that you can trust, such as those at amroofingcompany.com.

clouds in the sky with the sun peeking through them.

Cloudy weather will not bother your contractor during their job, unlike rain and strong winds.

What is considered to be the peak of the roofing season?

We would love to give you a specific answer to this question. Yet, this is easier said than done, since we have no idea where you leave. Still, we can give you some great pointers on what is important. For instance, in New York, the peak of the roofing season would be at some point at the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. The key is weather prediction. Generally speaking, the temperature starts to drop by the end of the summer. Yet, the weather is still nice, and the rainfall season still hasn’t kicked in. We must make you aware of one important fact. Since this would be considered as peak season, many companies may inflate their prices.

Summertime and roofing

So far, we have shared quite a bit of what is important when installing or repairing a roof. Thus, you can guess even on your own that this might be the optimal time to tackle this task and get it done. Your biggest challenge might be hiring a contractor. Since everybody wants to use the nice weather to their advantage, all the best contractors will be booked. Plus, it is summertime. All you want to do is to lay out in the sun and grab a nice, cold beer. Nobody wants to be stuck with house renovations. Even if you do, you want to be doing something more fun, like choosing a bedroom color or planting flowers. The best advice that we can give you is to avoid procrastinating.

4 sunbeds on a beach with seagulls flying over them, while the sun is shining.

It might be hard choosing a roofing project over vacation on a beach. However, once your roof is brand new, you will be happy with the choice you made.

Wintertime and roofing

Unlike during the summertime, hiring professionals to work on your roof will be much easier to do. This is the biggest advantage of this period. There is a small risk when it comes to tiles during the wintertime, as during very low temperatures roof tiles can crack. It is important to discuss your options and the chance of this happening with your contractor.


There might be no specific time that is considered to be the perfect time to install a new roof. But, one thing is certain: you must take immediate steps towards fixing the problem if you notice something is wrong. Avoid being in a situation that will be out of your hands. The last thing you want is the roof leaking in your kid’s bedroom or in your gorgeous kitchen. You will not feel like a king in your castle if your roof is crumbling down.

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