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Bathroom Types: Various Automation Ideas You Can Install in Each Type


Whether you are creating a new bath or renovating the old one, first, you’ll need to find out about the different types of bathrooms. They are categorised into several different types based on size and function. Usually, the smallest bathroom is the powder room known as half-bathroom and the larger one is the master bathroom.

Below are the tips which you can use for your bathroom remodelling along with its various types and ideas for automation. Bathroom Types: Various Automation Ideas You Can Install in Each Type 4

1. Master bathroom:

It is combined with the master bedroom. It will give a feeling of luxury and spa at home, and you can enjoy the hour of peace and relaxation. It has double vanity with sinks, mirrors, tub, sauna or steam shower, dressing room, closets, extra storage space and a semi-private toilet. Here are 5 ways you can go high tech in your master bathroom.

Digital shower Interface

Many companies can turn your master bathroom into a spa by adding a touch of digital interface. Such as,

  1. It can pause the running water.
  2. You can select and adjust the water temperature by simply touching the button.
  3. Set duration of your shower for your busy mornings.
  4. Adjust the water flow rate.
  5. Run a notify program for your hot water system.

Radiant floor

Would you like to step out of the bathtub and onto an electric mat? Well, it is not dangerous at all, as long as the mat is installed under the tile or some different types of marbles. For instance, mat-like TempZone turns into chilly stone or flooring tile into the surface to keep your toes toasty.

2. Half bathroom:

It is also known as a powder room, as it features a toilet, sink, vanity and mirror. It gives an extra facility for the guest and family members. This room is limited in space, and its layout should be functional so that it doesn’t look like overcrowded. Thus, many estate agents think that it is a precious addition to your home.

Automated bath

While you talk about automated bath you can consider adding the technology which can automatically fill your bathtub, keeps your water at the perfect temperature, add fragrances and some bubbles. Moreover, you can also add some electronic shower lights.

3. Three-quarter bathroom:

It is a combination of shower, toilet, sink and storage. It is near the guest bedroom so that guest can use it. It is also the second-largest bathroom in a more substantial home. You can transfer your simple bathroom into a tranquil retreat by adding some luxury showerheads, some storage space, skylights and many more.

There is a wide array of bathroom designs to help in creating your smart bathroom. Here are some tips on turning your ideal bathroom into a smart ideal bathroom.

  • Add voice controller in your bathroom.
  • Add intelligent faucets.
  • Add smart mirrors like cyber mirrors and connect them with the WI-FI and an on-board video player.

If you want more information on the latest smart bathroom automation, then search online or visit your local stores.

Bathroom Types: Various Automation Ideas You Can Install in Each Type 5

4. Guest bathroom:

It is connected with the guest room. It will give you enough storage and space, as the guest will bring many toiletries and supplies for themselves. You can add open shelving to allow for a public display of bath or shower accessories. It will encourage the guest to find and take out their stuff from the wardrobes. Here are some smart bathroom automation tips for your guest bath.

  • Add motion sensor to turn on-off the lights.
  • Integrate your guest bath with smart Bluetooth speakers.
  • Convert it into a smart ecosystem bathroom.

The smart bathroom doesn’t need switch no it just happens with your presence.

5. The combo of bathroom and laundry:

Usually, the apartments have limited space for the bathroom. So, it is common that they combine the bathroom and laundry. You can hide your laundry appliances in the bottom part of your cabinets. You can also create one cabinet which will able to store your dryer, washer and even some laundry bags with bins.

  • Consider adding the smart Wi-Fi water sensor for washing machines.
  • Add silicone cleaning brush for fabric wash.
  • Add detergent cup caddy to catch drips.
  • Use wool dryer balls and reduce drying time.

While shopping, shop the most innovative products for your laundry and bathroom combo.

6. Commercial bathroom

These bathrooms require an entirely different approach than residential bathrooms. They are for hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, gym and other commercial property. They come in a different size, style, shape and name. Some people call it restroom, comfort room, powder room, men’s room, ladies’ room, water closet and many more.

Add some entertainment

For commercial space, an inviting and appealing bathroom is must to please the customers and visitors. For entertainment, you can include some,

  1. Music to your restroom or bathroom and make your customers glad they stayed there.
  2. Add a flat-screen TV with news channels.
  3. Add some funny cubical poster with encouraging humour.
  4. Add some silly little tapi rubber tap fountain.

Electrified toilet

The electric toilet contains things like automatic water spritzing toilet, keep your seat warm, moves lid with a motion sensor, saves water and clean itself. Here are some points which can help you to understand it more.

  1. The water spritzing toilet is also known as a bidet. It saves a lot of tonnes of paper and also keeps your hand clean. This sensor knows when you need to clean your hands and other parts, so you don’t need to touch any button.
  2. Heat seats are great if you stay in cooler regions. You only have to replace the seat with a warming version or else you can also add it to the lid so that when you close the lid it will warm the seat.
  3. Adding motion sensors into the commercial bathroom are very much benefitted. It automatically flushes the toilet, clean itself, and lifts the lid up and down.


Boost your bathroom renovation with a little planning and general knowledge about different types of bathroom. With the help of this list, you will be able to refresh your bathroom look and style. The types mentioned above will help you in completing your home automation and remodelling.


Bathroom Types: Various Automation Ideas You Can Install in Each Type 6

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