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How These Art Decors Ideas Makes Your Living Room Amazing!


Living rooms are the heart of the house, and that must be customized by the things you adore the most. There are unique ways of incorporating animal themes in your living room. Using the animal themes in your living room generates the liveliness and makes lovely coordination with the walls and other interiors. Designing the living room with an animal motif indicates the love for nature and animals with fantastic creatures.

Are you searching for some astonishing ideas? Put some life in those empty walls by executing these fantastic ideas. These tremendous additions can help you make your house a home like a feel. Whether you are a nature lover, an art lover, or like any other style you like, your living room can be customized as per your choice that brings out your taste and personality. If you are looking for some great wall and décor idea to refresh your vacant space and bare walls, read this article till the end and give your living room a new feel.

Choose large scale art or animal drawings:

How These Art Decors Ideas Makes Your Living Room Amazing! 8

Oversized wall arts with some antique designs, graffiti, or animal drawing is a unique way of covering a large wall. This idea fits well in the living room to catches attention. It adds the character to the room and is a great conversation starter. The key factor of any successful interior design is balance, that means when it comes to hanging wall art animal art blueprint, drawings, or portraits, No, you don’t need to fill every wall space with pictures. Keeping that simple empty wall space can be used as a crucial design element to enhance your décor. If the placement of these wall art decors or animal drawings is confusion for you. No worries just think of gallery walls as one giant piece of art the center should be about 57″ from the ground if hung on its own and directly above the center of the piece of furniture. And the bottom of the grouping should be at least 5 – 8 inches above the top.

Home on Safari:

How These Art Decors Ideas Makes Your Living Room Amazing! 9

Adorn your living room with the animal motif furniture by coordinating it with some plain wall paints and elegant décor pieced will add life to your living room and give you a feel like a home on safari. Designing an animal-themed redecorating of your living room by using some dog blueprints, animal drawings, and other themes are trouble-free. Children tend to be attracted to the animal’s drawings and those of the safari characters and decorating of your kid’s bedroom gives you a feel like a home on safari.

Dark Assents:

How These Art Decors Ideas Makes Your Living Room Amazing! 10

Check out some dark-colored combinations. Use some dark colors to tie the design with some opposite colors. A dark table with some animal print cushioned chairs is a fantastic combination to execute. In a traditional room, you can add a chair or pillow in classic black-and-white toile. , use a bold pattern such as a trellis design. If one has to decorate a twins bedroom in their favorite color, use black and white as the base with the color as an accent.

Hang Plates:

How These Art Decors Ideas Makes Your Living Room Amazing! 11

Hang some authentic plates on the wall corresponding to a chandelier is a great idea to cover a wall and get an antique feel while sitting there. We seem confused most of the time with the right height to place these hang plates, but it’s not that much to worry not at all. A plate stand should be at least 3/4″ of the height of the item you are displaying. So if you have a 10″ plate, then you need a stand that is at least 7 1/2″ tall. If you have a 12″ plate, you must have a stand that is at least 9″ tall. You can always go with a larger stand too it’s completely up to you.

Add removable Art:

How These Art Decors Ideas Makes Your Living Room Amazing! 12

Add some removable art to your living room so that you don’t need to adjust with the same interior for long. You can easily customize it as per your mood or taste. Having the same décor for a long time gets a monotonous feel. However, it is always good to use some removable art that can be changed whenever required. Wall decals, wall stickers, and removable art wallpaper all can be removed gently, and the good news is that they wouldn’t damage your wall paint underneath. You can replace and add new art designs whenever you want with ease.

Add a little castle in the sky:

How These Art Decors Ideas Makes Your Living Room Amazing! 13

An Animal art or blueprint doesn’t only mean that you need to put up the animal posters only. Adding an animal blueprint or animal portrait in your living room is an elegant way of giving your space a unique feel with a lot of fun.

Picking up the right size for a portrait inside your living room depends on several factors such as; The first thing to consider is the size of the wall space where the animal blueprint art or portrait will be hung. If you have the perfect wall in mind to hang the wall art masterpiece, in which case you’ll measure the spot and have the painting or drawings tailor-made to fit. The second thing to think about is the scale of the dog, cat, or horse, in the portrait. It may be most important that your pet is either life-size, smaller, or bigger— in which case, you’ll pick the blueprints that best suits the size you’d like your pet portrayed. The final consideration is budget, as smaller sized blueprints or portraits are more affordable than larger blueprints or portraits.

Crown your Sofa:

How These Art Decors Ideas Makes Your Living Room Amazing! 14

The free space above your sofa looks so dull, crown it with something unique that will make the room look more lively and eye-catching. Hanging your masterpiece artwork at eye level, and it must be 60 inches from center to the floor. Hanging your wall art above the sofa or console, the piece should be hanged approximately 2/3 width of the furniture.

Final Words:

Wall arts always play a vital role in interior design. We hope that with this, you have got some ideas to utilize those bare walls and not so lively interior of the living room.

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