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9 Questions That Require Your Attention Before the Installation of an Air Conditioner


The air conditioner is a valuable addition to any home. You would be very well informed if you already have a unit, and if you don’t then you should be ready to embark on a new journey. Several factors work together to reduce the temperature of your home. The air conditioner alone is not enough, especially not when you have a lot of glass windows. Because the heat can be entrapped in your room quicker than you expect. If your cooling system is not sufficient to cool it down at the same speed, then probably the air conditioning installation company should be contacted for inspection. The following questions should be answered for you to enjoy a chilled environment.

9 Questions That Require Your Attention Before the Installation of an Air Conditioner 2

What Is A Suitable Air Conditioner?

First of all, you need to define your requirements to answer this question correctly. You can probably get the best air conditioner in the market, but ask yourself would it satisfy your needs. Conduct a need-based analysis of the situation to understands the scenario better. For example, measure the area of the designated room and consult an expert about suitable options.

What are the AC options?

The selection of an adequate appliance is very challenging. Remember that air conditioning replacement would be required if you choose the wrong product. In some cases, only ventilation is enough for cooling but in other extreme cases, an air conditioner would be inevitable. It is of great importance you take the matter to the experts before you go on an appliance hunt.

How an Installation Company Can Be Hired Online?

Once you have bought an appliance it is time to put it in place. You can make a personal effort to do it but it can be time taking and inefficient. The best way is to hire an installation professional for the job. The easiest way to target multiple professionals is to hire with the help of online business directories. You can use advanced filtration options for better results.

What Are the Other Ways to Hire A Company?

There are multiple options to choose from when you want to hire. The suitability of the hiring method totally depends on your geological location. You can physically explore the market, or you use other efficient methods to hire. You will have to spend considerable time exploring the options in the market, but if you use other methods such as references, landlord, etc. you’ll be able to get it over with quicker than you think.

What Are the Indoor Installation Requirements?

An air conditioner comes in two parts. The indoor unit is responsible for distributing the cool air at a uniform speed. Well, it can’t do it properly unless it is installed the correct way. For example, a unit mounted on a wall that faces a door will provide inefficient cooling because the cool air will be able to exit the room easily. Similarly, the recommended height and a proper installation method have to be followed for better cooling.

How to Optimize Cooling?

Keeping a room at a certain desired temperature depends on several variables. You must take into account these variables in order to optimize the cooling process. For example, a room with large glass windows is an easy target for heat to enter. Similarly, inadequate roofing would also result in an overheated room. It is highly recommended to put covers on the windows and coat your roof with a suitable heat resistant coating to optimize the cooling performance.

What Are the Outdoor Installation Requirements?

The correct installation of an outdoor unit is equally important as an indoor. All of the main cooling parts are located in the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit intercepts the hot air and converts it into cool air by using the compressor. The outdoor unit has to be placed within ten feet of the indoor unit, the longer is the distance inefficient the cooling will be. The outdoor should be placed on a bit higher level from the ground and avoid placing it near the wall either.

How to Maintain the Air Conditioner?

The basic and timely maintenance not only keeps the cooling at an optimal level but it also increases the life span of the air conditioner as well. Make sure the front grills of the indoor unit stay clean all the time and wash the filters frequently. These are a few of the very basic precautionary measures. You should also check the level of coolant before the start of the summer season because a drop in the level of coolant is basically a drop in cooling.

There are a lot of things that you shouldn’t do with your AC. First of all, if you have a newly installed unit with a valid warranty, then you should stay away from the safety seals. Because a break in the seals will void the warranty. Don’t temper with the AC settings often, find out the optimal settings for your room by using the manual and then keep the remote control away from kids. Frequently tempering can result in malfunctioning.

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