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9 Secrets to Visually Increase the Space in the House


With the swelling populations in the big cities, the apartment sizes are getting constricted day by day. In such a scenario, the biggest challenge is to design the house using smart space management hacks. There are several ways to create visual space using simple household products, even when the actual area is tiny. 

The following are 9 secrets to increase the space in the house visually.

cozy living room

1. Observe and Take Notes 

Firstly, take a notepad in your hands, and visit each room in your house. Write down what is the function of the room. Then note the list of items that you see and evaluate whether you need those in that room. You either shift the things that you don’t need to another room or dispose of them. It is a wonderful opportunity to de-clutter your room and increase the home space. 

You have to learn to downsize memorabilia and only keep the essential home space décor.Move furniture away from the walls: Though it may seem counter-intuitive, moving furniture away from the walls will create a floating look and give the illusion of a larger room. You can float some pieces of furniture like a coffee table to create a natural flow and a special home space design.Moving furniture away from the walls will also create an airy effect.

2. Paint Your Walls in Light Colors 

Opt for white or neutral shades like beige, yellow, and blue while doing your home space experiment. This will make a small room feel airier. Also, if all the walls are painted in a consistent shade, it will create an illusion of a larger space in a small apartment. An off-white paint will create the illusion of openness. There are also specific shades of white to make a small room appear bigger and improve the home space harmony.

One simple way to create a bigger visual space is to match the furniture and wall colors. Furniture that’s the same color as the walls in the room can help the pieces’ blend in so they don’t demand visual attention. Light flooring, like the walls and furniture, will make a small room more spacious and is a good space-saving idea.

3. Add Mirrors

Mirrors bounce light around a room, especially when placed near a window. This helps a small room that has no natural light feel more open. The mirrors will catch the reflection of yourself and also of the outside and make a room feel larger. You can change the home space layoutaccordingly.

Consider installing a large mirror along one wall to expand the limits of the room visually. Use an oversized mirror to double up space. It is by far the most trusted space illusion hack and an excellent example of home space optimization.

4. Add Sheer Curtains

Instead of heavy and dark drapes, you can opt for sheer floor-to-ceiling curtains. Light-colored sheer curtains in your bedroom will allow the natural light to come through. Place the curtain rod close to the ceiling and make sure that the panels are long enough to reach the floor or just a couple of inches above the billow. 

Also, try to match the color of the curtain with the wall and furniture color. The more cohesive the color palette in a room, the bigger it will seem.

Clear curtains in your bathroom will increase visibility and make a small bathroom look larger. So you can add this to your list of home space organizers.

small bedroom

5. Built-in Bookcases

If you are a book lover, then it makes sense to buy built-in-bookcases. Since they are recessed into the walls, they will save valuable space.

6. Hang the TV or Computer Screen

Wall-mounted TVs and computer screens are majorly trending these days since they free up valuable floor-space in a jiffy.

7. Draw the Eye Upwards

Most of us visualize floor space horizontally, and the vertical space is ignored. But if we create something attractive in the area above, it will make a small room appear bigger. Use lighting scones highlighting the ceiling or crown molding can be an attractive design feature. Overhead lighting can create a single focal point in a room. Hanging a painting or picture above the eye level will make a small room more spacious.

8. Accent Pieces

An attractive accent piece like a sculpture or an antique table can give the illusion of a larger room. Here it is advisable to use a single accent piece per room to avoid looking cluttered. Since stripes can increase the visual space, opt for striped accent pieces like striped rug or curtains.

Consider adding some decorative pieces close to the ceiling to grab the eyeballs that would eventually make the ceilings look elevated. Hanging a plant or putting a suspended lantern in a small room will help make the vertical space expanded. 

9. Opt for Low-Slung Furniture

Ditch the tall chairs and buy that low-slung sofa. Low-slung home space furniture takes up smaller visual space.

Nixing the visual clutter will make your room calm, serene, and more spacious. Modern interior designers are devising ways on how to make your room more attractive and also save space at the same time. 

People living in a tiny home can make their space seem big by using the above clever design tricks. Small apartments can look bigger if you are savvy with space. The eyes can be tricked into seeing a bigger space than what is already there.

What is your go-to space illusion idea that you have used in your apartment? Let us know in the comments below. 


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Betty Olsen is a content writer who specializes in home interior design, gardening, landscaping, and healthy living topics. She knows how to make a beautiful backyard without spending lots of money.

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