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10 Ways on How to make your home safe from Coronavirus


The COVID-19 has spread its hold on a global scale. There are thousands of people already infected with this virus that authorities are trying to contain the spread in the modern world where travel is staple past time. This reality makes it difficult to track everyone who has already gotten the infection. The best way to avoid infection is to avoid contact with an infected person. But you can arm yourself from the virus. Here are steps on how to make your home safe from the coronavirus.

Wash your hands frequently

According to WHO, the COVID-19 can be transmitted through the droplets when a person sneeze or coughs. The virus stays in the droplets and when it comes in contact with your hands, you can get infected when you touch your face.

This shows how your hands play a huge part in the transmission of infection. For that, it helps that you wash your hands often. And to make it effective make sure to wash it with soap for at least 20 seconds before rinsing. Do this after you made contact with surfaces that you are not familiar with like when you’re in a mall or even after coming from the office. Places with high human traffic is a nesting place for bacteria and viruses like COVID-19.

Use sanitizers

If you are on-the-go and washing is inconvenient you can carry a hand sanitizer with you all the time. Every time you touch a surface or perhaps made contact with other people make sure to sanitize your hands.

If hand sanitizers are unavailable, an ordinary rubbing alcohol works the same. It may not smell the best but it can kill viruses before it can get you. Pour a liberal amount on your hands and rub it to have better coverage.

On using masks

Masks can limit the transmission of viruses by limiting the expulsion of droplets when you sneeze or cough. This implies that it is best worn by sick persons. Wearing masks is not the best way to avoid getting the infection and WHO does not recommend wearing one if you are well.

If you feel more secure wearing one, then choose options like N95. These are better for barring the infection before getting into your mouth or nostrils. The downside of this kind of mask is you’ll find it difficult to breathe in. Wearing ordinary, surgical masks is not an effective barrier for NCov as it has larger pores. COVID-19 can easily filter through it.

Social distancing

If you have to be in an event or a crowded place, see to it that you are far enough from other persons. Limit close encounters with other individuals as this is the best avenue for the virus to get transmitted. Giving at least 3 feet between you and the other person should be enough to limit the transmission.

Avoid going out

This is the best way to limit the chances of infection. Crowded places with people from different places with different interactions history is a good pool of COVID-19. If you need to go out get the most out of it. Take for instance if you do groceries, take enough for around 14 days so you will have lesser time going for the same purpose.

Do note that if you have other health concerns like cardiovascular or any respiratory-related, you are at high-risk when infected. For that, it is recommended that you buy enough medicines for a month to lessen the time you need to go to the pharmacy.

Cancel travel plans

Dozens of countries have a temporary ban on travel to and from certain countries due to infection. This shows that lesser travel will help halt the spread of infection. Although travel is still possible, it will help lessen the chances of infection if you forbade travel plans for the meantime.

The development of a vaccine for COVID-19  is still underway and there are still not enough data to perfectly target the infection. This needs time and until then, it will be safer for you to cancel a vacation to countries or places that are known to have the infection.

Determine high-touch areas in your home

One way to limit transmission at home is to determine high-touch areas. These are doorknobs, telephone and stairway handle. If you cough or even just touch an infected surface, you can carry the virus with you. And if you happen to touch your doorknob at home then it will be able to stay there for hours before it dies out.

To be safe, it is recommended to wash your hands even at home. And to make your home safer you need to disinfect those high-touch areas. Spraying it household disinfectant is enough to kill the virus. If unavailable wipe it off with a cloth or tissue dubbed in alcohol.

The next two steps are not for your home but your body as it is, in fact, your last defense against any kind of infection.

Eat healthy foods

Your body’s ability to take on infection depends on how well you feed it. It does not just mean you need to eat enough but also choose healthy options.

This is the time to munch more on fruits and vegetables. These come with important vitamins and minerals that help in optimizing the immune system. Remember that COVID-19  is a virus which means antibiotics will not help. It boils down on how your body takes care of the infection.


This may sound very repetitive already but proper exercise can get your blood flowing better and in turn, gets your lymphatic system active and ready all the time. This also helps improve your cardiovascular health which makes you less vulnerable when an infection strikes.

You don’t need to beat an hour to get in shape, just 20 to 30 minutes each three times each week should be able to get your system running better.

Understandably, going to the gym may already out of your choice as it requires you to go out. For that, you can do home workouts like pushups or jumping jacks. These are simple exercises but still an effective way to train your body and enjoy the benefits.

Be Well-informed

Keep track of the do’s and don’ts of the virus, especially the places affected or lockdown areas. Listen to up-to-date news from reputable sources and avoid trusting what you read on facebook for there are countless fake news that aimed to add fear and panic to the issue at hand. By having knowledge on the current situation of the virus you are protecting yourself and your family from falling into one of its victims.

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